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    The time has come to stay in Atomic Age for many, many years

    You’re completely wrong. P2W ruined this game.
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    New update still full of bugs

    So the new Info Age update dropped and I was happy as I’m L316. I saved up my resources, bought some crowns and decided to redesign my base to accommodate the new buildings, etc. BUT THE SAME OLD BUGS EXIST IN THE MAP!! This has existed for YEARS!! In fact they may be worse. See attached...
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    Supply Drops

    I find the supply drops (aka daily event shipments) annoying. These show up on my base and when I tap them a whole screen comes up and I need to tap again and wait for a short animation and then close it. No big deal for a decent reward, but that’s not what you get. Instead of something...
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    Blessing Retrain

    A few weeks ago, I noticed that my Armor and Weapon Blessings were getting replaced without cost by VIP and Free Retrain. What a great thing, I thought. But then it stopped.
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    Early battle termination

    WTF now twice now during battle I’ve been shut down mid-battle, Nexon why has this happened? In the midst of battle the game just quits. What is going on? Edited to clarify this is not a game crash which has always been a problem. The battle just stops as if I retreated and shows the results...
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    Quick Wars

    How about a quick war concept? What if we could start up a mini war with other players that are all online at the same time? Not necessarily alliance vs. alliance. But just a pool where players can opt in and the system balances the teams, or allows players to override the rosters, and then...
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    Observations from a post-rebalance medal-dropping run

    Some observations from a recent medal drop run... I’m L262CW German and was sitting at 3600 medals when it got too hard and boring in Dynasty leagues (often weeks between defenses, and man, these L300 bases with full blessings and stacked museums are tough to crack). So decided to grab some...
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    I think Dominations should have a leaderboard that shows a ranking of the top players and also your own rank among them. They could use this to replace what shows up when you click the medal-looking-thing at top right of screen. I’ve clicked on that before but I don’t know what it is — some...
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    Our worst fears realized

    We knew it would come. Massive world war artifacts are for sale for $100. A reward for the whales who will remain increasingly invincible. Wake up and realize that BHG doesn’t care about the vocal forum posters here. We can all quit the game and it won’t bother them at all. In fact they’d...