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    What's Your Ideal Video Reward?

    you still get good rewards on them so I "watch" them. i have more than 1 account so i would start an ad with one account and just battle with the other. no need to watch the ad.
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    What's Your Ideal Video Reward?

    legendary tokens for sure. also, I like that you can trade X amount of food for x amount of oil. it really helps the lower ages. i'm not liking the council cards. i actually don't bother getting them. i agree with the poster that pointed out that some ads are just too long. i don't know about...
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    DomiNations v9.12 Update

    so barracks troops will be even better now since they get buffed by the armor and weapon blessing as well as the buffs.
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    Legendary Token Calendar: March

    napleon's hat seems underpriced especially with the new barrack troop buff coming up
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    DomiNations: New Leaderboards coming in 9.8

    the rewards don't seem worth it to attack significantly more than usual
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    Game now fails to load Android Mobile

    i'm on an android tablet and it works fine
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    Donation bug is back - again

    i still can't donate my troops while on android to my alliance members on IOS
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    Allied Forces Law - not what you would think

    i'd like some clarification as well but 'donation cap' sounds like it's the number of units you can donate, not the alliance gate capacity. still, the 2nd level (legal contributions and legal costs) is worth upgrading as this will make your progress faster in the long run.
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    two bugs after update

    On Android, I would get a network connection error and get booted after using the parliament once. Also, i'm not able to donate to my allies on both ios and android.
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    Event leaderboard full of cheaters - what else is new

    i liked the old events that gave some event building. now we just have troop cards. much less motivation to do the events, for sure
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    Alliance Research v8.4 Update

    when i use the parliament on an android account, after 2 or 3 contributions i get an internet error and the app crashes. not so for my ios accounts.
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    Parliament researchs

    the crown cost resets but the food costs seems to keep going up from what i've experienced. i think each player can make 15 gold/food purchases per day before it turns to a crown cost.
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    Parliament researchs

    crowns being required after only a small amount of donations makes this disappointing