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    Leonard Smith Event 11/20-11/22

    Hi, Thought I would let you know the discounts aren't being applied, bugged apparently.
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    The aftermath of the dreaded circles..

    So, finally, the worst of the so called circles of death are - seemingly - behind us, in the aftermath, may I suggest a few things? - Learn from this whole mess: In the future, soon as the team in charge of this game becomes aware of how widespread ( and complex as they admitted at some point...
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    Update on Network Issues

    I applaud the update and the transparency. This kind of post I truly respect and appreciate and makes me wait with more patience. Not going to go on about why it wasn't done in the past ( to this refreshing extent ), but I'm focusing on this positive move. Again, I respect this level of...
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    Money Not Spent

    "I am not attacting anyone here. I had problem with loosing all troops and several time complained to BHG and got answer to avoid using IRB. I also avoid asking for building speedups from teammates and after that no problem with yellow circle. Vip retrain and video retrain I am keeping for war...
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    Drone Command - A closer look

    I do agree with some of the comments. The game is really, really in a bad shape. Kind of difficult to keep the enthusiasm when you have to restart the app several times just so you can click on anything. Circles got worse, now they seem to appear after each battle, as opposed to after every...
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    DomiNations Update v11.2.5 - Oil Resource Update

    Read some of his/her comment history. Lots of nonsense and ill-informed "opinions".
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    New to space age and i suck at ww. Need tips.

    Quite few things, I'm sure plenty of players with good knowledge will be happy to give tips. The one thing I can tell you straight off is this, recommended target rarely tends to be the right target. As in, do not choose your targets based on which base the game recommends, that's inaccurate...
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    VIP lvl 14 and sick of bugs

    Problem with kids like that is they feel the need to give 'opinions' even when they have zero knowledge of the issue or even of what's being discussed. Just lashing out and feeling being rude and aggressive is some kind of empowerment.
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    Recon, the primary cause of Imbalance

    You really and truly done have a clue what you're talking about, kid.
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    Instant retrain problem is here

    I have to agree with you guys on several points. The game calling it Instant Retrain Blessing bug is worrying, it shows they don't seem aware of the real issue and effect and impact of the bug. It's that and much more, its affect is way more than simply the Blessing. Gotta mention as well...
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    September Legendary Token Calendar

    Feel free to keep ranting.
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    September Legendary Token Calendar

    That made no sense, but hey, I don't judge.
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    September Legendary Token Calendar

    Maybe a better way is to try to be constructive ( Google the word, if you like ) and present your grievances without throwing insults at them? Or, are you what they call an Online Warrior? You feel perfectly fine throwing insults at them because it's done online.
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    VIP lvl 14 and sick of bugs

    Because some people feel the need to preach and disagree for the sake of it, without actually understanding what the points discussed are. If you look at that particular person's comment history, you'd notice they try to comment for the sake of commenting, probably Wow, good job, keep jumping...
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    VIP lvl 14 and sick of bugs

    You've got some imaginary issues.