The aftermath of the dreaded circles..

Domi Player

New member
Jul 8, 2022
So, finally, the worst of the so called circles of death are - seemingly - behind us, in the aftermath, may I suggest a few things?

- Learn from this whole mess: In the future, soon as the team in charge of this game becomes aware of how widespread ( and complex as they admitted at some point ) the issues are, work on offering alternatives, for instance: you realised early on that there were issues related to retraining troops which resulted in a lot of other side issues too.. why didn't you offer Training Blessings? Untill you had a handle on the problems, at least.

- Transparency & Communication: You need to be more transparent and communicative with your players ( customer base ), update the players, tell them as soon as possible of the extent and complexity of the problems and of the efforts you're putting into resolving them, you may very well be surprised how understanding and patient a lot of the players would be if you are more transparent and communicative. Some vague comments aren't helpful, if anything they fuel more frustration and resentment.

- Compensation: As a gesture of good faith, why don't you attempt to improve the feel good factor among the community and somewhat compensate those who were effected? It's extremely unlikely you would be able to fully conpensate players for their losses, but say, 2000 or even 1000 crowns would be a step in the right direction. I'm pretty certain your system can identify those who genuinely suffered and were effected by the whole messy situation.

Just a few thoughts I liked to share, hoping to keep the game we enjoy going and help amend some of the issues.