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  • Hello there Vigiles!. First off I want to say that DomiNations is my absolute favorite app/game I think ive ever played I love love love this game so much!!!! You guys are doing such a great job with this game thank you for getting me addicted to DomiNations! Im obsessed :). Anyways the reason im writing you is because I would like to report a cheater, I run into alot of them and im going to start reporting everyone I run into with a screenshot so we can make this a better game for people who actually play fair, and dont cheat their way to victory! so here is a screen shot! The users name is Onepiece1985 and I dont know if its even possible to have that many catapults,redoubts, and ballistas. Thank you again!
    Hello.I have read all your replies about cheaters complainings.You suggest to report all cheaters via customer i did that many many times,sent screenshots obviously showing scums and hacks,report many players and....nothing happened.They still exist and have fun with nexon's helpless.So im asking what is the point of reporting if you guys dont do anything about that???

    Second thing we(legit players) can catch and report all hackers when there are so many of i recorded during my whole game,most of top 200 players are very suspicious.i dont even mention about players in lower leagues...maxed walls,illegal amount of gold depostits,trade goods etc.It is becoming that in a very near future there will be more cheated bases than legal.

    So guys let me know what are you going to do because i dont want to loose my time,money,effort and passiona anymore to for such a scums.i would rather spend it on other game where my legality will be respected

    It is so felling like diying species of legal players.
    My nickname is Szczesne.Im top 40 player with about 2850 medals.

    Hello Vigiles i didn't found customer service so i send you a topic to report a cheater named leostar79 he have 2 heroes Lvl 20 and all buildings maxed i'm sure it's not possible to put a lot of money like that in a new game like DomiNations and this guys attacking lower guys to get medals he must be checked really thanx
    Hey Vigiles, can I ask for your help. The support is still no response of my query. I am playing this game for over 3 months now.
    Last week, I am on vacation. Have no stable signal on the place I've been.
    Yesterday when I am about to play the game, there's an alliance update that i was kicked from the alliance.
    And I got 14,000 crowns on my account.
    Am I being hacked and 14k crowns are being injected on my account through the server.
    I tried joining again on the alliance that i am a council but it says "i am already a member"
    Is there an explanation of this? Because i was astonished also with the level which is level 124, last time i play it was level 89.
    Hi, After being attacked by a player, I attempted "revenge". Unfortunately, the "already under attack" message came up. Five minutes later, I tried again and the same message appeared. Over the next three days, I tried on more than ten occasions with the same result. The player's name is Dragon, and I have two screenshots taken days apart which support what I am saying. Unfortunately I cannot get them to upload here via attachments or URL. I may have to try to do so from a PC. Regards, Tef
    I'm Falynn44 from reddit dominations. I was wondering why not just ban the people that got to industrial age even though they weren't allowed to instead of just rolling back their accounts. Okay thank you.
    I was wondering if I'm able to try out new features in the future since I'm one of the bigger dominations youtube channels (Dominationsdude). I know it's unlikely, but I would like to ask anyways. I have been playing since the beta came out. Have a nice day!
    Hello can i say you whats my problem is i write the support since 3 monts and no answer i waiting to long its not oki im in a no name clan and i dont can leave this clan ???????
    0x03 cheater from TopDomination alliance see screens he attacked me with a lot of troops 5 tanks, 5 cannons and more troops i hope you will do your job and bann this cheater permanently thanks for reading PS : i see on forum lot of topics about this alliance avoir cheat i think they found a glitch or something like this to get tanks and industrials troops you Should Check it
    Hello there, my alliance member opened his game to find his layout changed, upgrades lost, and reverted an age back. What is he supposed to do?? Can you guys fix this? Attached a picture of his town at level 66, gunpowder age, and a picture of the town he got when he opened his game. Thanks very much. Please let me know.
    I purchased a 3 day treaty last night, when I woke up this morning I noticed I was attacked three times and the treaty showed 15 hours left. More noticeable was the fact that there were only 10 minutes in between the last two attacks, both loses. Isn't there supposed to be an automatic peace treaty activated when somebody loses an attack? So, as you can read here, there were several things going wrong...To add insult to injury I lost 24 medals in the process in addition to the 200 crowns spent for the treaty to begin with. This is the second time something like this happens to me. 5 days ago I got attacked 5 hours into a 15 hour peace treaty losing a few medals as well. Seems to me the whole peace treaty feature is either flawed or someone has found a way to hack into it just like they do with other parts of the game. My player ID is 1525493. Please adjust my medals and crowns accordingly. PS. I would be nice if messages sent to your customer service thru the game app are at the very least acknowledged, this has ot been the case with the last seven messages sent since the beginning of the month.
    Hi DMV, It's been a week since I opened CS tickets about my village swap issue but so far not even a word of reply. In fact, I submitted 3 tickets and no response. You can clearly see my base is bugged because now I have 2 mercenary camps with overlapping buildings, negative war tactic count downs, and impossible library research relations. I have lost so many upgrades on walls and buildings, and research. I don't even have the same wonders. I get attacked so much now because of inadequate base and layout which are not mine. Could you please let me know if I should expect this to be restored? My player ID is 1784580 and name in game is Ancient. Thanks...
    Please can you investigate Lucase, Italia II Legio, who attacked me whilst in Enlightenment with 6 tanks and one supply truck. I presume those units are in Industrial Era which hasn't started yet . . . See attached screenshot.
    Your link to customer support lead to a blank page. Still have no way to get in touch with support. And my game still won't load.
    The battle log shows that this player stole all my resources, the max available via the screenshot that he could. However when I played the replay he did not steal nearly that amount. Player ID and attack log number of units and tactics all match up... Basically I lost a lot of hard earned resources for no reason.... Or he has a hack that steals all resources regardless of the attack outcome.
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