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    2 Troop space units

    Add 2-unit troops to both barracks and factory. Giving someone 2 Heavy Tanks plus 2 infantry is about the same giving just the heavy tanks. Why not have a troop worth 2 units that can launch grenades or be a sniper with a range of 7?
  2. DUSTY1

    Bases with missing player name in base cause crashes in WW

    We've been encountering an issue with bases that when scouted, have a blank field in the base where normally the player name would be found. When you scout you see a missing name. But on the World War screen, the name displayed is 'leader'. During World War, anyone trying to engage this type...
  3. DUSTY1

    Glory Adjustment letter from Support taking Glory Away

    Did anyone else receive 3 (so far) letters in your inbox today saying you got glory taken away because "members of your alliance were flagged for violations of our cheating policy and have been sanctioned."? There are lengthy name lists. I've been playing since 2016 and never heard of them...
  4. DUSTY1

    World War Map, Word War History, World War Hall of Museum Broken

    Trying to access the World War Screen causes a crash Trying to access the World War History tab in the Alliance Gate causes a crash. Cannot change any artifacts in the World War Hall of the Museum. Our entire alliance is affected. My latest note to Support. Re: [1517247] "Thank you for the...
  5. DUSTY1

    Antiquity warfare event fraud

    Day 1 of the event has 800 points for meeting the goals. Additional XP of +5 is given for every hour of speedups. The current leader has 303,930 points. Lets look how many hours of speed ups he has. 303,930 -800 _______ 303,130 XP Divide 303,130 by 5 (XP per hour) = 60,626 hours of speedups...
  6. DUSTY1

    New Age: Biological Agents

    Something brought on by the current pandemic, and zombie apocalypse, Age of Z, State of Survival etc. In a biological agent age your enemies defenses are decreased by chemical factory agents. What do you think?
  7. DUSTY1

    Question: Cannot join alliance

    We have a couple alliances trying to merge players. As a result there's a fair bit of alliance hopping going on. A player hits the join button and sees "You must wait before you can make another request! Could not make this request at this time!" 1. Is there some type of limit to how many...
  8. DUSTY1

    WAR Matchmaking Back to Mismatching

    A war search started Nov 8 to got a terrible mismatch, unexplainable by Museum, university or library type researches and buffs. We were pitted against a 30 man team with: 5 Space Age, 4 Coldwar, 6 Atomic, 4 Global, 8 Industrial, 3 Gunpowder Our team's age distribution: 1 Space Age, 1 Coldwar...
  9. DUSTY1

    Wall Manual Sale!!!!

    Don't forget to buy your wall manuals!!!! Call your Mom, call your dad, call great uncle Wellington! Only $45 for 79 of them!
  10. DUSTY1

    Next Solution Requested : Cheater Detection

    War rebalancing is a great effort. Nicely done NEXON! Next step: Addressing Cheaters. I have seen in this forum, rampant complaints about cheating, going back to 2015. Apparently little to no EFFECTIVE effort has been done to stem the tide. One of my players submitted dozens of reports...
  11. DUSTY1

    Use Unique Player Names and Unique Alliance Names

    Every player should have to have a unique player name. Every alliance should have a unique alliance name. Why? To say that player Apollos is cheating, or to even post a photo of said cheater, doesn't narrow down the player identification. And my own alliance, 'The A Team' has a bunch of...
  12. DUSTY1

    Wall Manual Sale - what's the secret?

    Ok, the only thing I know about the "wall manuals" is that if you gather enough of them, you can superglue them together to upgrade a single wall segment. And now there is a sale on them. So what's the hack? The secret? The super - you know what - the "je ne sais quois"? At first, second...
  13. DUSTY1

    QUESTION: Troop Capacity dropped by 15

    So, I am AA and my troop capacity dropped from 170 to 155 overnight. Can anyone conjecture why? Two things I did yesterday: 1. Switched from British to German TC 2. Initiated a Library Upgrade The one thing I noticed in Library researches was that "Standing Army" researches when complete...
  14. DUSTY1

    War Matchmaking Algorithm REVEALED!

    Ok, so I won't get much of a job with the National Enquirer, but still seeking how the darn war thing works. Unlike Grepolis and other transparent games where it is possible to precisely calculate outcomes based on tables provided in the game, Dominations has such a super duper war matching...
  15. DUSTY1

    LOW LOW Rubies - feature or bug?

    In this latest war, I noticed only 2 of the opponent out of 25 award 150 rubies. Most battles will only grant 75 rubies (including some level 170 + players.) Many only 37. Is this a new feature? Part of a rebalance? Are rubies being phased out in favor of crowns? Was there something I missed?