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    Peace Treaty Duration Reduction

    Translation from Google: "The shortening of the peace treaty is the biggest crap Dominations has ever done. A disaster for a regular, but not always present, attacking player. I'm already being overrun all the time. This will only increase. I don't have a chance to achieve anything anymore. Only...
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    Peace Treaty Duration Reduction

    I agree with Borck . I reconfigured my base to induce a peace treaty as a behavioral response to the new seasonal leaderboard and how it made me feel. Right after I dropped another $100 on the game I see this new announcement stating how the rules are changing to combat an unforeseen response...
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    I have players asking, asking asking about Drone Age which has been hinted at for a long time. Is this something that is still being planned for roll-out?
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    2 Troop space units

    Add 2-unit troops to both barracks and factory. Giving someone 2 Heavy Tanks plus 2 infantry is about the same giving just the heavy tanks. Why not have a troop worth 2 units that can launch grenades or be a sniper with a range of 7?
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    World War Matchmaking - Design Spotlight 2019

    Yesterday, the alliance we were matched to was ranked 49,603. Today, we're up against #45.
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    9.1 Bugs

    Never make such a statement. You've just given them a new goal.
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    9.1 Bugs

    I have players reporting that the request troop button is gray. Another player lost his attack button and cannot do his WW attacks.
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    Missing 'sticky'

    You are correct. It is missing. The forum approach needs improvement.
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    World War hacked bases

    You have correctly identified the problem. When the player name field contains either invalid or undisplayable data, the name is missing when scouting the base, and defaults to the player name 'leader' in lists. This has been encountered and experienced regularly. In you can...
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    Donated troop won't come!

    This is being experienced by my entire alliance. In the last war My 'troops receive' was over 1,000 troops just to get 2 deliveries of war donations. All of the active players in the alliance are experiencing it. We've upped our donations to others by 3-4 times to get players enough troops to...
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    Bases with missing player name in base cause crashes in WW

    We've been encountering an issue with bases that when scouted, have a blank field in the base where normally the player name would be found. When you scout you see a missing name. But on the World War screen, the name displayed is 'leader'. During World War, anyone trying to engage this type...
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    Donated troops are missing

    Being scientific: I sat in the livingroom with my alliance buddy. I asked for 5 tanks. Alliance Buddy's base: We got to watch 5 tanks toddle off of alliance buddies base. My base: Meanwhile on my base, only 2 tanks arrived, along with the message "Alliance Buddy sent you tanks!" Alliance...
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    Incoming Fixes for 9.0

    Hopefully deleted inventories will be restored, locked up rubies can now be used, and window size will appropriate to the screen so you can access ingame chats, inventory buttons, etc.
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    Glory Adjustment letter from Support taking Glory Away

    Did anyone else receive 3 (so far) letters in your inbox today saying you got glory taken away because "members of your alliance were flagged for violations of our cheating policy and have been sanctioned."? There are lengthy name lists. I've been playing since 2016 and never heard of them...
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    Introducing our new Community Managers!

    Welcome. Been playing DomiNations since BattleNations folded in 2016, and also play Grepolis. Have started putzing around on wiki pages as I see data out-of-date. Glad you are both on board.