Bases with missing player name in base cause crashes in WW


Approved user
Oct 18, 2016
We've been encountering an issue with bases that when scouted, have a blank field in the base where normally the player name would be found. When you scout you see a missing name. But on the World War screen, the name displayed is 'leader'.
During World War, anyone trying to engage this type of base gets an unexpected error and the battle crashes immediately thus forfeiting the match.

When I pointed this out to Support, the response is that they will investigate the account for cheating.

When I kept encountering the problem, I suggested that they run a listing on or query any way they want for players with the default name 'leader' to see if there are undisplayable characters in the name field. The response to my rather detailed and specific request with pictures, was that they would investigate the account for cheating.