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    DomiNations Update v11.2.5 - Oil Resource Update

    Hello. Tell me please 1) Is it possible to translate news into other languages? Unfortunately, Google translator does not translate the article correctly. It would be convenient to receive full information about the update in the game itself in your native language. 2) What is the update for me...
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    Hello. Please make more informative notifications from the game. The fact is that improvements to buildings, troops require a significant amount of time (I have not had less than 7 days, bunker improvements are about 17 days) and I do not have time to keep track of when the improvements end in...
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    Welcome to the Drone Age

    Будут ли чудеса света в новом обновлении?
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    Aztec Calendar

    What is the point of two identical artifacts that can only be used one at a time? It is better then to completely remove the possibility of buying a similar artifact :cry:
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    Aztec Calendar

    Hello. 06/17/2022 I bought the legendary artifact "Aztec Calendar" from Mark Polo. I immediately added it to the museum and started using it, pumping it. 06/18/2022 I found that I can buy such an artifact from the polo brand again, I bought it and it was a mistake. When I added it to the museum...
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    knowledge base

    Does the game have an official knowledge base, where there is information on all the troops, their characteristics and description? there is one site, but the information there is irrelevant an example of such a site
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    Legendary Token Calendar: May

    конечно, мы все ждем
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    Increased truce time

    Hi. Of course, no one will listen to me, but this update infuriated me. I very rarely attack anyone, I just like to enter the game every day, improve buildings, donate troops to allies, but now I can’t save even the minimum amount to improve or donate troops. almost everything I earn is stolen...