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Recent content by manudion12

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    Temple ''totems'' dosen't stay active when you switch account

    Hi, I don't know if it is related with the bug that causes the peace treaty to disappear when you reconnect, but when i play on my first account and I activate a totem from the temple, they disappear from that account if I switch from my primary to my secondary account. The problem dosen't...
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    Upgrade hunting methods with ages

    I think it would be a good addition to the game if the hunting method of the villagers would change when you advance to the next age. For exemple, when you get to the medieval age, the villagers could use bows and arrows instead of a spear. Once in the gunpowder age, they could use muskets or...
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    Ability to change our flags color

    Hello everyone, I had an idea yesterday. It would be nice to have the ability to change the blue flags and all the blue color that represent our city by other colors. During a peace treaty, the game could change our flags above our garrisson, for exemple, for a white flag instead of a blue one...
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    Battle log access impossible over LTE network

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if i'm the only one who can't access the battle log ( message center ) when playing on LTE network.. The message window opens but nothing is shown. Before the last update, when I was trying to access that message centre, it would crash the game completely...
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    Adding support for the S Pen !

    Hi, One of the things that would be really a nice addition to the game mechanics would be the support for the Galaxy Note S Pen. I have a Galaxy note 4 and as all owners of this phone, I think it is really useful to have the ability to use the S pen to play games. It would really be appreciated...
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    Surviving troops dosen't come back !

    Hi, Since the last update, when I attack another player and have surviving troops, they dosen't come back to my town as they used too before. I have to train the whole army again... Is it normal or it's a problem due to the update !? Thanks
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    Library research unavailable !

    Hello ! I have a bug with the game regarding the library. First le me says that the bug appeared when I started playing the game with another account on the same device. My first account (Romans) runs perfectly and I do my research without any problems at all. But when i built my library on my...
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    Ability to rotate buildings

    I think it would be really nice if we could have the ability to rotate our buildings at least a 90 degree rotation. It would allow us to create more beautiful cities and give us probably a lot more options when creating or moving our buildings !
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    A Change Nation option !

    Hi everyone, I think that maybe an option or an in-app purchase that would allow us to change our nation would be nice.:p Let say you want to change your nation, you could have the option to change let say once a month or so, to change your nation. You want to go from Romans for exemple to...