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    Repeating targets

    When searching for MP battles, the same opponents keep coming up fairly regularly. I am an Info Age player. Usually between 2000 and 3000 medals. I didn’t used to see this much repetition of targets. Given that it costs me 3500 gold every time I hit Search, I expect better diversity of targets.
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    Battle not ending after it was won

    I 5-starred a base in MP. But the game did not close the battlefield screen after all units were defeated. The clock stayed stuck at 51 seconds remaining. Would not let me drop more units or tactics. Stayed this way for several minutes until I force-closed the game. When I reopened it, the win...
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    Mumbai is a lie!

    The Mumbai port destination says it offers 181 Supplies. It does not. It returns with 91 Benefactors. What a waste of 3 citizens for 1 day and 19 hours!
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    Unique Garrison Defenders

    Update #3 notes indicate that Garrison defenders should be reflective of your nations unique unit (ie. German, Japanese, and Roman Marion’s should have unique Heavy Infantry defenders.) However, as a German nation player, my Garrison Defemders do not look like my Heavy Bundeswehr unique units...
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    No NTG for 5 stars

    The game is increasingly often giving no NTG for 5 star attacks. This is making me crazy! I spend so much time looking forward particular nation to attack that’s within my medal range, frequently sacrifice rss in the process, only to get no NTG. THIS IS OBNOXIOUS!
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    Fix the Replays

    nexon has long said the replays are not always indicative of what happened in battle. They say we should trust the results screen more than the replay. In the past this was a little frustrating, but not too often. However, since the last update, the replays have become HORRIBLY unreliable. I...
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    Need replay of WW battles

    It so frustrating that we can't see a replay of the battles, either offensive or defensive, from WW battles. How are we supposed to learn and improve?