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    The Season of Allegiance 10/27-11/20

    I love this event :) Game begins fresh again and not using same old boring combos over and over again :( Also do not listen to players who complain - those are the players that do not enjoy the game and just wants to get to the last age as fast as possible with just 1 troop combo
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    DomiNations v9.12 Update

    If u guys want players to upgrade all barrack troops at armory u need to bring 3rd and 4th slot for armory upgrades bcs armory is a huge bottleneck :(
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    DomiNations v9.12 Update

    Thx for the changes, hope they will bring some diversity to the game. Those changes applies to defensive troops that come from all defensive buildings in our base too, right? But changing all training cost to oil is meh :(
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    Templars Reborn Active 6+yr old alliance welcomes CWA+ members We have all laws :)

    We have all laws finished! If devs add new laws to Parliament we require our members to donate to it every day :) Our alliance is meant to be fun so if u r looking for good active players and want to do wars for fun please join us. We just require u to be active and minimum Cold War Age base...
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    DomiNations v9.9 ‘National Trade Goods Rebalance’ Update

    How about new library bookcases?
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    DomiNations v9.7 Checks and Balances

    BTW when will you fix parliament's cannon range? Parliamentary defenses law level 10 should increase the range of parliaments cannon by 3 and it does not work :( Our alliance members worked hard to get this law to level 10 and it's not working, shame :(
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    DomiNations v9.7 Checks and Balances

    You introduce new unit for Eisenhower but not introduce new insta-retrain blessing?? This is not fair! :( When someone bought various offers for insta-retrain blessing knowing that it gives back donation refund they still should be able to use those blessings. So here you should do the same...
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    email VIP survey failed

    survey sent, thx :) BTW you guys know what bufs and nerfs players use but if you want us to use different buffs they must be max boosted ie. food from farms +200%, resources from hunting and gathering +5000% etc You can also use progressive scale ie. for resources from hunting and gathering...
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    email VIP survey failed

    I got email with VIP survey but google docs failed - you need permission error Still can't post images on forum so it's on our imgur here:
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    Summer Rush better war chest graphic summary Share here if you get legendary artifact

    Thank you, appreciate it :) BTW can't edit forum settings too :( link is empty - this is since you moved forum to different address.
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    Assault Vehicle support

    Agree, and the space cost is way too big. It's not like it's that great to take 12 space :(
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    Summer Rush better war chest graphic summary Share here if you get legendary artifact

    BTW few players already got the sword so it's nice :)
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    Summer Rush better war chest graphic summary Share here if you get legendary artifact

    As always image on our imgur bcs can't post images on this forum :( is it ever gonna be fixed?
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    Templars Reborn just started new alliance for all new players and low ages

    Our well known alliance Templars Reborn just started a new alliance for all new players and low ages. You can search it in game – it’s called: Templars Unborn - perk 8 Plenty of room for all new players, low age players and everybody who wants to stay in casual and friendly place :) Already...
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    DomiNations v9.5 Update

    So just bigger sales window and new sales mechanic ? :( Looks nice for me but was hoping for some new gameplay features Doing same raids after 6 years is kinda boring :( BTW parliament laws/wonders etc descriptions are still missing and Bjorn name is still BJ Ironside ;) lol