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email VIP survey failed


BHG Moderator
Jun 8, 2020
This particular survey is intended for VIP, we sent out a second email to the VIP list. If you didn't receive the follow up email please open a ticket with support and they can resend it.


Approved user
May 19, 2016
survey sent, thx :)

BTW you guys know what bufs and nerfs players use
but if you want us to use different buffs they must be max boosted
ie. food from farms +200%, resources from hunting and gathering +5000% etc

You can also use progressive scale ie. for resources from hunting and gathering:
lvl - bonus%
1 - 10%
2 - 25%
3 - 50%
4 - 75%
5 - 100%
6 - 250%
7 - 500%
8 - 1000%
9 - 2500%
10 - 5000%

Overall those kind of lines are useless, but with really good % they will be really good and wanted by players

There should also be lines for better parliament chances for multipliers - not to mention we still waiting for full 50 members donation report ;)
(And you don't need to show top 10 donation window every time we log in to game - once per day is enough or just disable it, we know where to find it)
Thank You