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    Game only leads me to new village

    Well it fixed itself after one or two days somehow. I had to manually update it again 👀
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    Game only leads me to new village

    Platform (Android/IOS): iOS Device: iPhone 11 Pro max If PvP issue War/Matchmaking: no Description of issue: new village is loaded instead of my village Frequency of issue: constantly Additional information: I had some login issues and after months I finally was able to log into the game...
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    Different reset time of everything since 2 days

    Everything now resets on different times without an announcement change notice: Video rewards, parliament... intended or bug? In my time zone the resets are now at an uncomfortable time.
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    A clearing thread by the mods/devs on bonus multipliers

    Hello, as in this forum and on reddit often seen, every bonus is additive, but there are rumors, that acropolis and versaille are multiplicative. Can you clear that out and also the effect of the Museum bonuses in that number game? Maybe make a sticky on it. Especially the defensive bonuses are...