Game only leads me to new village


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May 4, 2020
Platform (Android/IOS): iOS

Device: iPhone 11 Pro max

If PvP issue War/Matchmaking: no

Description of issue: new village is loaded instead of my village

Frequency of issue: constantly

Additional information:

I had some login issues and after months I finally was able to log into the game. But now the game has given me a new village although minims village exists. The village was linked to my Game Center Account. All of the achievements from my old village are still there and the game is still linked. The village also still exists as I am in my old alliance now to check it. And the support just tells me for almost a week, that the developers work on the issue, although I have send them proof of a purchase, screenshots, IDs of my current and new village. And doesn‘t give me any message of progress. No change of phone or similar in the time since my last successful login.


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May 6, 2022
We rolled out an update last night. Be sure that you've downloaded the latest update to the game as it should resolve the iOS Game Center issue.

For full details on our 11.2.1 Hotfix we have a thread here


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Nov 11, 2021
Did you ever get your problem fixed? I am having a somewhat similar problem and can’t seem to get any help to fix it. I have years invested in the game but feel like if they don’t help me fix my issue (it is in a thread I started) I might as well give up and go find another game to play