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  • hi, you may have found a solution for the "Network Connection Error?

    LG Plek

    I'm french and my English isn't very good but i'll try to explain to you my plan to resolve this problem which i had encounter since few weeks.

    - Step 1 : find a smartphone where the game works fine.
    - Step 2 : copy two folders from this smartphone to a computer.
    What folders ?
    1. Android/Data/com.nexonm.dominations.adk
    2. Android/obb/com.nexonm.dominations.adk
    -Step 3: Clear these folders on the smartphone which not running fine the game.
    -Step 4 : Move the folders you have copy on the compteur to the smartphone in the correct destination
    -Step 5 : Launch the game and download additional files
    -Step 6 : Enjoy!!!

    I've just follow these steps and it's working for me and i return on the game after 4 weeks of problems.

    Sorry if it isn't understandable...
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