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    Restart Game with subscription

    It brings back some good memories thinking back to when the game first had wars introduced and so many less features that ruined the game for some of us. I fell behind so much it just wasn’t worth the time and effort anymore. It feels like too much time has passed that it’s hard to imagine them...
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    Have a drink in Moana's Bar! :)

    Lol, I've only just seen this. I quit the game early in the year so haven't been logging in here anymore. How did everything go? Hopefully you were able to stay away from the game haha. I have no desire to play DomiNations again - it certainly lost its charm. I've been leader of a clan in Clash...
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    Leadership badges and war statistics

    In alliance chat, could the medal icons be replaced with icons that display what rank a player is in the alliance? Might be more useful so that it's clear when the leader/co-leader/council speaks. It would also be nice to be able to see how many war stars each player has and perhaps some...
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    Matchmaking is trash once again...

    Since when did matchmaking stop being trash? They don't care, hence no communication and haven't made any effort to improve things. I'm surprised even the big guns keep the game alive still spending big cash.
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    New recroît schéma in thé game

    They've reduced the rewards now for the exact reason listed above.
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    New recroît schéma in thé game

    A drive to get new players to join but instead a load of people will just start 2nd accounts to get crowns for their main account. Not as intended but expected. Maybe they should look at why players have left in the first place because they've been killing the game for years.
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    5000 Crowns for every active player

    With all the bugs they introduce every single update it's an absolute joke. Please stop adding content and just fix the damn bugs!!! My war attack gave me a network disconnect error today and it told me to invest in a better internet connection. It's your stupid servers so stop blaming the...
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    War Matchmaking Iteration

    So long as people pump money into the game they don't care.
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    Stupid matchmaking horror

    We have a maximum of CWA players in our wars and yet regularly face Digital Age and Space Age bases. We win many of them but still... The new Information Age bases too. An Information Age player even took out my little Global Age base a few wars ago. I'd rather the war search took longer than...
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    Have a drink in Moana's Bar! :)

    *Walks into a dusty bar and cleans it up a bit. Pulls cobwebs out of hair.* How's everyone doing? Anyone want a drink? :) Months out of the game I'm playing again. Some crazy amount of loot out there. What is the best you guys have had recently?
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    My enhanced customer service representative has not responded in 6 days?!?!

    Lots of people threaten to quit but never actually do. More said out of frustration for some I think.
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    Suggestion for Devs and Muet

    Can you reveal which alliance kicked you? ;)
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    Have a drink in Moana's Bar! :)

    Feel free to join if/when you retire. I thought you were still enjoying the game though? :)
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    Have a drink in Moana's Bar! :)

    I have no regrets. Feels good to leave this game. You should check out South Park Season 18 Episode 6 (Freemium isn't free). Funny episode about games like this. Good knowing you! :)
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    Have a drink in Moana's Bar! :)

    Time to say goodbye guys. I’m tired of how slow and boring this game has become and the fact their employees don’t listen to anything we say. Communication is terrible! Anyway, wishing you guys all the best. Byeeeeeee!