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    How to Effectively Combat the Cheating Issues

    How to Effectively Combat the Cheating Issues I am RushSkies and I've been playing for about 1 year and 4 months now and still at Enlightenment Age - Level 119. I've seen so many cheating problems not only in this game but in every online game in different form and in large quantities. Here, I...
  2. RushSkies

    Next Event

    What do you think the next event will be?
  3. RushSkies


    Colonization Battles I would like to suggest a Colonization system in Dominations. Colonization shall be comprised of two factions the Colonial power (the invader) and the Colonials (the indigenous people) A player/nation can acquire colonies in multiplayer battles. The player can decide to...
  4. RushSkies


    Government System I would like to suggest government system. Government is vital to every nation and I will discuss how this system will be impeccable to the Dominations gameplay. Government types will unlock a series of bonuses with drawbacks to some. Every nation/player can only have 1...
  5. RushSkies

    Add replays on Wars

    Seriously Nexon, we need this.
  6. RushSkies

    Naval Tactics

    Why not just make War Tactics as Naval Tactics? At least the only thing you will is add missile animation since you already have a Boat and Tactics animation What do you think Nexon? Isn't that much nastier?
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    I would like to suggest to make this highlighted white flags to make into Alliance Emblem corresponds to own alliance. ​ ​
  8. RushSkies


    I would like to suggest to make this highlighted white flags into Alliance Emblem flags that corresponds to its own alliance. ;) It is also better to make it visible during Wars.
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    No opponent found. The Alliance wars version...

    Well got it. 10v10
  10. RushSkies

    Industrial Age Discussion (SPOILERS)

    So what are your thoughts?
  11. RushSkies

    Wallminer Bug

    Wallminer just keep swirling and the games gets lag pretty bad. The bug occurs when there's already a breach on wall. Anyone also experiencing this? I use Asus Nexus 7 (2012)
  12. RushSkies

    Vagueness of Unit Transition from Enlightenment Age to Successive Ages

    The transition of infantry, ranged and horse units from enlightenment units to (e.g.) industrial units is somewhat vague (especially on unique ones like the transformation of Cavalry units to Tanks), how will you address this in the future? Rome Legionaries should not be appear on all ages...
  13. RushSkies

    Concerning about Roads

    I noticed that roads seems somewhat useless in defense and also a bother. Gold is much better earned in battles than collection from roads. I primarily observed that most of other nations abandoned using roads because of the space require to support it from the insides (since primarily Town...
  14. RushSkies

    Egyptian Nation

    I would like to suggest the Egyptian Nation one of the greatest civilization of all time. The Egyptian Nation architecture will be adjacent to the Arab and Muslim buildings. Thus Egyptian Nation will have a unique design from European ( English, French , German) Iberian (Greek, Roman) and Asian...
  15. RushSkies

    An Inquiry about the Wonder Bonus Effects

    Does wonder bonus effects lose if you destroy it? Example: Acropolis : makes your defending army tougher and speed up troops spawning at nearby garrisons and stables. If I destroy the Acropolis does the bonus above loses? If so how did you confirm that it is or isn't working. Thank you.