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    Cheaters reports

    Hi @Leviathan , We have been reporting it several times during 4 months, by these channels that you mentioned, and we have no response. Please do something.
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    A great cheater

    Hi Ayo Leviathan TheWise , After several reports and no answers, I decide to report a cheater here. Player: BorLand Age: Digital Level: >297 Nation: France This player upgrades from Global Age to a Digital Age with Full troops and generals 80 in 2 months. Without wasting any money (in fact no...
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    Another alliance full of cheatters

    Another alliance full of cheatters
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    Hi guys

    I am new here
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    Hi, is anybody there?

    Hi, i am new in the forum,
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    Another alliance full of cheaters

    Recently I found another alliance where the most of its players use glitchs or mods or exploids to improbe their accouts unfairly faster respect who waste money buying extra houses, crowns and acelerators. TinSoldier BHG_Muet. Please take the necessary actions to make this game fair for...