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  • "I DON'T BELIEVE YOU. if you are concerned about cheats why do you allow cheats to operate who ate inside the top 10 players!?! Your full of it mate. If you were a man of your word you would have banned hardstyle and menshop already. But your not. You don't give a crop about cheats."

    Whatwhat im still waiting for your response.
    You flamed me several times. Im here to speak with you like a man.
    Get some balls now and give me the proofs. There is still time until I leave the forum.

    Unless you dont respond me and dont give me any evidence for banning me, your behaviour is really pathetic (Attention I didnt said he is pathetic, I dont insult his personality I insult his bad unmature attitude and behaviour.) You guys all create anger because of the ingame bugs, hacks and cheats I know that and I understand that. But blaming and judging innocent, fair players like me is a really weak attidude.Calm down and take a break from game. Build up some self-controll and honor.
    I exspect an apologise of you Whatwhat or a clear statement why I am cheating.

    Time to respond!

    Hi there,

    i have been reading through the forums and noticed that you and some other guy (hearthpad if recall correctly) are fairly experienced when it comes to the most "superior" nation.

    according to heathpad, that would be the French, but arent 6 soldiers (lets say germans) better than 1 cavalry?

    Best regards,
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