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Добор чудес за короны / Miracle for the crowns


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Mar 15, 2019
Если в игре есть донат, то почему не придумать добор чудес за короны, по моему логично, многие игроки пользовались бы этой функцией ради удобства времени

If there is a donut in the game, then why not come up with a dozen miracles for crowns, in my opinion it is logical that many players would use this function for the convenience of time
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Rogue Squirrel

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Sep 5, 2018
Hahaha! TinSoldier This has got to be one of the worst Google translations ever. I'm pretty sure Valeron isn't talking about donuts but donations - but even then this doesn't make much sense. I've got a feeling this isn't Greek but Cyrillic so I don't know if wrathchild_78 can help us decode this...….