4.0 Known Issues

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Issue: Players receiving excessive Network Connection Errors
Description: Some players are receiving Network Connection Errors during regular gameplay
Status: Investigating - If you are experiencing this issue, please contact Support with the following information:

What is your player ID?

What was the crash behavior?
  • Did your game close down without any warning?
  • Did you get a yellow spinner, and then a network disconnect popup?
  • Did you get a network disconnect with no pop up?
  • Did the game reload your village as if you just logged in?
What were you doing when you crashed/disconnected? Please be specific (dropping troops in battle, collecting food from the farm, donating troops, etc.)

If it was in battle, who were you attacking? (Screenshots are helpful)

Approximately when did the crash/disconnect happen?

Issue: Replays causing the game to crash
Description: We had an error on the backend which caused replays to be invalidated between 12:58pm EDT and 4:01pm EDT. We've since fixed the issue, however those replays will continue to cause the game to crash. We do apologize for this issue.

Issue: Forging Allegiance French Consulate not increasing donation cap for players in Global Age if you're French
Description: If a player is in global age and playing as France, when they claim the French consulate building it will not increase their donation cap by 3
Status: Investigating.Please reach out to support if you're a Global Age French player with a max-level Alliance Gate & have completed the event in full.

Issue: Players lose Medals disproportionate to their battle
Description: Some players are seeing Medal losses out of line with what is expected in combat

Issue: % Damage in WW results is inaccurate
Description: The % damage done statistic in the WW results screens is sometimes inaccurate. Players are seeing more than 100% damage, or 100% damage for 3 star victories

Issue: Archers on the Castle in the empty slots (if you have more available Generals than active Generals) are invisible
Description: If a player has fewer than the maximum number of Generals trained, Archers do not correctly appear on the Castle in the empty slots.
Status: Fix Scheduled This is a display issue only - Archers still attack!

Issue: Cost for switching Generals is displayed incorrectly if player has ⅔ Generals active
Description: Once two generals have been trained, the description of the cost on the button to switch Generals incorrectly doubles. The actual cost is unaffected. This also applies when a player doesn’t have enough oil; the Crown cost displayed is twice what it should be, but will only charge the correct amount.
Status: Fix Scheduled. Workaround: This is a display issue only. Clicking the Deactivate button will cost the correct amount; this is a display only issue. Using the active Generals in battle will correctly reset the displayed cost.

Issue: Players on 4.0 Client see issues in existing World Wars
Description: Players who have already updated to 4.0 mid-War will see 0 stars on the War Map, as well as other issues. Players in the same War on the 3.7 client will see the correct number of stars on the War Map.
Status: Fixed

Issue: Players on 3.7 Client see empty map on WW
Description: Players loading a WW map will see no alliance names and an empty map
Status: Fixed

Issue: Players on 4.0 Client experience trophy gain and loss during WW battles
Description: Trophies will calculate like normal PvP battles instead of no impact on trophies as a result of WW battles
Status: Fixed


Issue: Alliance chat window: troop donation requests are not updating correctly
Description: The message that you received the troop does not appear unless you have the chat slider open.
Status: Fixed

Issue: Troops behave contrary to expected
Description: Some troops may ignore intended targets/behave contrary to description
Status: Fixed

Issue: The "Collect" remains available after collecting war loot if the player does not have a Refinery
Description: After collecting war loot, the Collect button still appears on the Command Post. This is due to the inadvertent inclusion of oil for players who do not have a Refinery. Clicking the Collect button after getting your war loot results in no further loot being granted.

Issue: Players do not get any, or partial World War Loot
Description: Players receive partial or no loot after War
Status: Fixes ongoing. We have fixed several causes of this issue. Please contact CS if you are still seeing an issue so that we can track down the remaining cases!

Issue: Offensive and Defensive Troop donation does not match
Description: Players are not seeing the correct number of troops to donate/receive in World War
Status: Fixes ongoing. 4.0 fixes two scenarios: when the chat window is closed, the recipient receives an incorrect number of troops; additionally successful troop donation notifications only appeared if the player chat window is open. Please report any other instances of this issue to CS!

Issue: Players get a black screen/cannot log in
Description: Some players cannot log in/get a black screen upon loading the game
Status: Investigating. Please contact CS so that we can fix your account.

Issue: Players incorrectly lose attacks in World War
Description: Player attack counts can sometimes be incorrect during World War.
Status: Investigating. Please remember that there is NO Scouting in World War - if you click Attack, you are committed! Please report this to Customer Service with a screenshot so that we can track the severity and extent of this issue.

Issue: Players cannot search for World War
Description: Players queueing for War may see the error "Could not begin searching for World War at this time".
Status: Investigating. Please report this to Customer Service with a screenshot so that we can track the severity and extent of this issue.

Issue: Devices that are on the border of minimum requirements crash in World War
Description: Devices that are marginally above the minimum requirements for running DomiNations may see worse performance in World War battles.
Status: Investigating. We try our best to ensure that as many devices can support the game as possible; however, certain devices will inevitably fall behind. We are deeply sorry for any frustration this may cause to the users of these devices.

Issue: Players see random "Longdude" alliance in results screen
Description: After completing a War, the War Report shows a random fictional alliance with 0 is all fields
Status: Investigating. This is currently being investigated and players should report issues to CS so that we can track the severity and extent of the issue.

Issue: Incorrect House prices listed after buying Starter Pack II
Description: After purchasing Starter Pack II, any available houses in the Shop will appear to have an increased gold cost.
Status: Fix Scheduled. Workaround: This is a display issue only. The correct amount of gold will still be deducted at the time of purchase.
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