A Crashing Bug Due to Using Multiple Devices/Versions

Ramesses the Great

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Jul 14, 2016

I would like to report a rare, really unfortunate bug, hopefully you guys can fix it easier/sooner that way.
I have an Industrial age town. I use 2 different Android devices to play it on, at different times/places. I met a bug that made me unable to play anymore.

The bug:
The game crashes whenever I try any of the following:
1- Train or view my troops through troop-training buildings (barracks, factory, castle, war academy, etc).
2- Get into any type of battle (single player or multiplayer).

How to reproduce it?
After some digging, I've found out the exact procedure that caused this bug to happen:
1- I updated the game on Device #1 to latest version.
2- I trained one of the new 'Decoy' tactic (I wish I didn't). I raided for a couple of hours and it went fine.
3- I put Device #1 away to charge it.
4- I started using Device #2, WITHOUT updating the game on it first (alas).
5- I tried going to battle on Device #2, but the game crashed. So, I updated the game on Device #2 to latest version too, but it didn't help.
Because of that, now my town is bugged on BOTH devices with latest game version. I tried reinstalling from scratch, didn't help.
Upon viewing my War Academy info window (image attached), the bug causes it to show my unused Decoy tactic as a cannon tactic, and THIS is the reason for the crashes!

TL;DR: Used an old Dominations version on a town that has 'a decoy tactic' from a newer Dominations version = Constant game crashes, unable to train or raid.

Suggested fix?
I've sent support multiple times since yesterday, kept them updated whenever I found out new info, but I've got no response yet. Understandably, they must be really busy with the new update.

I'm sure you'd be able to fix it, but what I'm REALLY hoping you can do sooner, is help me remove ALL my trained tactics from my town to fix the bug, which I can't do myself, unfortunately. Since it might take some time until this bug is patched, it would be great if you could help me that way sooner.

TL;DR: Proposed temporary fix is for support to remove all my trained tactics/troops from my town to fix the crashes, if possible.

Really looking forward to going back to my town and raids, after months of continuous Dominations play, I hate to see my workers stand idle.


//Town: Maximusix, Romans, Industrial age, Level 129.

War Academy Bug: my Decoy tactic is shown as a Cannon tactic, which is causing crashes, inability to train troops or raid.

War Academy Bug Edited.jpg