Account Ban - Suspicious Activity


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Jul 29, 2018

I am not trying to piggy-back off of black-xxx post, but I am having the same exact issue.

I received the exact canned answer that I had suspicious activity regarding my account and that it involved "resources" with no further explanation. I can only surmise it is my crown amount went over a threshold and I am being accused of cheating.

I have never posted on the forums, but I have actively read and monitored them for about three years for upcoming events and patch. I know of but have never participated in any form of cheating, hacking, or game manipulation. The only reason I even know of these things is from reading the forums. I didn't exploit the "find a friend" or stags or whatever jailbreaking a phone entails. I catch hell from my wife for not properly entering in events on our apple calendar let alone hacking.

But here's what I used to do. Back in the day IOS users got killer rewards for playing other games sponsored by Dominations. Alot of weekends playing clones of well, horrible games. Some weekends the rewards were double. Sometimes you went through the trouble of all that work for the reward to not go through. Oh well. But I built up a war chest of crowns that I have cherished during rush weeks because those type of game rewards are no longer offered to apple users for years. Is this why I received a one week ban and a threat that if it happens again the ban will be permanent? How can I prevent being accused again of something neither the ban nor the support will tell me what I did? Where is this crown cap listed? I had a strategy for using resources in a strategy game and got arrested for an invisible crime.

I also watch every reward video every day. For years... and Marco. I'm at a loss for words because having to type out this message, just so that I can be heard... for reinstatement of my account where I have been leader of an alliance for five years. This diatribe is like begging to get an unpaid volunteer job back. I'm starting to question my own sanity. Maybe instead of this plea I should reread sunken cost theory and walk away just like WoW half a life ago.

But no, I still have friends in my alliance from all over the world. From the east coast, to Alaska, Australia, England, Southeast Asia, Canada and all the alliance members that never talk but request speed ups and troops relentlessly. Its our crappy gaming family. I lead a casual alliance. We do our best. We conduct fair play. We boot any suspicious bases immediately. Now I haven't been able to watch a single video about Evony, Merge Dragons, or Gardenscape in 72 hours. Please look into this so I can go back to punishing myself. I use the Parliament instead of buying scratch off tickets (the building is a great game of small chance.)

I spend about $15 a year on the game. Whatever that means. (I was spending $10-$20 a month on Arcane Showdown before it got shuddered btw)

This got longer than I expected. Mostly because I am locked out of the game I have played for half a decade.


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Jan 25, 2017
Well I guess they just don't give a flying fk and can just willy nilly ban anybody then. Fk nexon.