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ADVERSITY looking for new members

Snipe Sniper

Approved user
Dec 29, 2016
We are ADVERSITY. We are still a relatively small alliance but we're looking to add more. We have 14 members but only 11-12 are regulars. We are looking to grow so we can do 15 v. 15 and bigger wars.

We have a war success rate of above 90%. We plan on war once or twice a week (it's been twice more recently [and about four times a week even more recently, during the holidays]).

We are also family friendly and more than half of our active accounts come from players in the same family (but this is spread over a couple families). Geographically, we're in the U.S. (Central mostly, as it turns out). English is our language of communication in the chat. These things helps with coordination. So, if you are a family player (or even just a player with two or more accounts) who is looking for a winning team, check us out.

We're looking for team players. We won't micromanage your game play. That being said, we have a "defense wins championships" mindset so our emphasis tends to be on defensive buildings and walls--we've won a lot of wars just on defensive strength.

Anyway, if this sounds like something you're up for and interested in, stop by ADVERSITY. Come see what we're all about as we're looking for players at all levels of the game.

Snipe Sniper