Alliance War Strategy


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Apr 29, 2016
With all the problems with matching times, unbalanced opponents, and sandbagging, I have been thinking about ways to make war profitable even when you can't win. With the upcoming alliance experience points (AXP) this could become even more important. So here are my thoughts.

War Continously
With the AXP system, alliances that are not warring continuously will be left behind quickly. So all serious alliances will have to start a new war as soon as the previous one ends. I know it is nice to have a schedule, but you want those AXP perks.

War Size
Every win counts in war, so ideally you want the maximum number of bases to attack. Unfortunately, there are not many alliances fielding 40, 45, or 50 players in war, so you could be waiting hours for a match. That might change, but for now, keep wars to 30 or 35. Less than that and you won't be earning AXP very fast.

War Weight
You will get more AXP for higher level bases, so you want to attract high level opponents. However, you don't want to be up against top 100 alliances; those guys are beasts, with top bases that are unbeatable. So for a 35 war, you want 5 atomic, 10 global, 10 industrial, and 10 enlightenment, to give you a global/industrial average. Don't sandbag, not just because it is a sad thing to do, but also because it will affect your glory rewards. Or do sandbag, because glory doesn't matter. It's still sad though.

War Strategy
So, you have your match. There are 3 possibilities

No Hope
You got a bad match, and are completely outgunned. Your top player might get a few stars on their number 15. Well, don't give up, you can still farm AXP. The trick is to do so without using too many resources, and no oil nor National Trade Goods (NTG). You need 60% of the available stars to get the most AXP (without winning), and you want to get at least one star on each high level base, because they are worth more.

Here are two low cost attack strategies for getting one star; infantry spam for 50% damage, and all tanks for town center victory.​
  • [*=1]Infantry spam - if the base has a lot of high value buildings (mills, markets, wonders, storehouse) around the edge, with all the defensive buildings in the middle, build an army of all heavy infantry, and lay them down around the perimeter. Use demolition to take out the mortars, or decoy to draw their fire. You need to lay down the infantry quickly so they can do lots of damage before stables and garrisons start spawning. Once the first infantry has dropped, you can drag your finger around the edge of the base to drop them in a line. Mercs can be more heavy infantry, or raiders if there is a good spot to drop them. Ask for shooters (ranged infantry) from your allies. [*=1]All tanks - build an army of all tanks, drop them, and target the town center. Have some barrage ready to kill the TC defenders, and use protect to keep your tanks alive until they have killed destroyed the TC. Mercs should be more tanks, and ask for tanks from your allies.
For both of these attack types, do not use air support. You will not destroy all the defensive buildings, so you will lose the planes and use precious oil rebuilding them. The same goes for troop tactics; don't waste them.

So you have 1 star on the top 10 bases. In a 30x30 war, you need 90 stars total to get the 40% and 60% AXP rewards. so you need 80 stars from the bottom 20 bases, or an average of 4 stars per base. I suggest you aim for 50 stars from the bottom 10 bases, and 30 stars from the middle 10. You will be trying to destroy all defensive buildings so that you have surviving troops and don't spend a lot of food rebuilding them. Target bases that you are very comfortable with. You do not need the QV, so work it like you would a regular multi-player attack. Minimize the use of tactics; they are expensive.

Lastly, do not waste resources on filling war bases. Your opponents are going to pulverize you anyway.

You got lucky. You can crush your enemy, drive them before you, and hear the lamentations of their women (sorry, I know it's sexist, but that's the quote). You still need to be careful. They probably have a base or two that will be hard. Don't sweat the 5th star on those bases; since they are not going to perfect score you, you don't need to perfect score them.

Don't form coalitions; save your NTGs for the next war. If you have some NTGs that are maxed, sure, go ahead and use them, but it should not be necessary.

Do fill your war bases. That's a little bit of insurance in case your opponents are stronger than they look.

This is the hardest situation. Are you are going to gamble on winning to get all the war loot? Or are you going to chicken out and claim that there was no hope (see above) Your opponents might look easy, but they turn out to have a lot of university research, or they put up max coalitions.

I can't advise you on this. You will have to decide how much risk you want to take. There will be nervous nellies and gung ho charlies (wow, our idiom is really sexist isn't it?) in each alliance, and one group will win the argument each war. If you do decide to go for it, make sure everyone in your alliance is on board and fully committed. You should form coalitions, fill war bases, maybe even fill strongholds. Be prepared to use troop tactics for your attack. Getting 5 stars on every base is important.​

Well, that's all. I hope you find these ideas useful. Please leave comments below if you have any thoughts.