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Alliance / Worldwar finished!


Approved user
Jul 26, 2016
Our 3.5 year old great alliance had 49 great members/ friends. Now, 36. In the last month many have stopped playing Dominations. To find 10 to 15 members for worldwar is a challence. Today we just finished a war with an incredible low 22 points. Many members had zero stars, some had 2 max. All interest is lost. We have plenty of coldwar players. Another big issue is levelling. As all items take 9 days, up to 2 weeks to level, its very hard to get 1 to 2 levels higher a month. We are all waiting for the next age as everybody is bored. Leveling walls is a never ending story for non cheaters. I only hope that the minimum level for spaceage is not 250 or higher. The reason is simpel. When you are 20 levels lower, it would take up to a year before you can enter spaceage. Nobody is gonna wait that long. When coldwar was introduced, the minimum level was 220. After that announcement, cheating became a very big issue. Cheating will get even worse when another absurd high level is introduced to get to spaceage. One more thing. Please stop asking these incredible high prices for all your items. 10% of the askingprice is more than enough for everything. Many more people will buy. Business to people is a forgotten education today. But a must to be succesfull in the long run.. but i still like Dominations and thanks.