Any Build/Troop Discount Events Coming?


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Dec 5, 2017
While I did have fun with the last event, it was also a let down as well for many of my alliance members who were hoping to have a discount for some kind of building or troop upgrade. I did start the upgrades I wanted but that was because I could destroy nearly every base I saw with my CWA planes but my g.a. and i.a. companions didn't have that luxury. So even patiently waiting, we get this King Tut event. While I'm sure people will participate in it, this is not what most of us want. I do have over 30K blueprints but I also have trash artifacts so I'm not going to use them. And still why wouldn't the discount work towards supplies. If the game wants to make money (Like always) put up a discount on supplies needed and than sell supplies. Anyway I hope there's some kind of event that's going to stack on top.

The game has already buffed every defensive building and troop many times over yet they give no discount for upgrading anything with that food, gold, or oil. And now rebalance 4 is going to happen in 2 days which will again make things harder so hopefully they add an event by than as well.