Automated age and dock rework.


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Sep 1, 2023
I know Drone age still missing building upgrades like:

Missile Silo 2nd drone age level
Air defence 2nd drone age level
Sniper towers 2nd drone age level

But, just for our info, when you planning to bring the new " automated age" in game? @Harlems369th

This age must have a new wonder, because new wonders appears every second age (last one was in information age)

New House as well ( for the same reason)

And something else.
Please, rework the dock!
In the last update, was great idea to reduce the citizen amount needed for expeditions, but the troop tactics you getting from are useless.

Heavy infantry and ranged infantry TTs for Drone age players are not so usable!

Remember back to space age dock , all those unique TTs ( aerial strike army, wall breacher army, anti tank army) were so useful and worthy.

Many folks out there (including me)wish they had kept their dock at level 11( space age) cause of its TTs rewards.

Please bring more usable and unique dock TT rewards with the upcoming age. It would be great.
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Feb 28, 2023
I think offering more than three destinations per day and giving the ability to access destinations in previous updates would solve what you are asking for.