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Dec 13, 2017
What if we had some giant multiplayer battle every season or so, a month-long event similar to what Rise of Kingdoms does with Kvk (kingdom versus kingdom). Here are my ideas that would be a little different
-There are fun, multiple events the week before launch that help lead up to the event. Rewards might be faster troop training or temporary max capacity up as well as a few cool exclusive museum artifacts, speed ups, etc
-You choose to enter the Big Battle if you wish. You get your city moved to a real life location to fight a battle such as the Battle of the Bulge, for example. You can see your city location on a minimap. It recreates a battle in history. There will be real life region names and territory lines with real cities and the game tells you history about it.
-Any alliance members are also visible on the map. You can zoom in and see their cities if you like.
-Your alliance gets teamed up with 5 other alliances to make a faction. There are 2 factions total (blue vs red just like war) and your name appears in that color for the event. Everyone is all on the same map together but separated into groups
-Your armies get grouped into like types. For example, 5 infantry is a squadron and gets a little standard bearer flag making it easily recognizable. The squad receives a nice attack and defense bonus. 2 squadrons, or 10 men, makes a platoon with bigger bonuses(even if it’s 3-4 squads in real army). 3 platoons or 30 men make a company. 2 companies make a battalion(even if it’s 3-5 in real life), 2 batallions or 180 men make a brigade, or regiment, with nice bonuses. Different numbers could be chosen for other units like tanks, heavy tanks, bazookas etc.
-The first week of battle has the factions separated finishing as many group quests and individual quests as possible. You can move your groups of troops around on the map. There could be military bosses to take down as a group. 3 regiments working together makes a division and 2 divisions working together make a corps for gigantic bonuses when attacking. Whoever has the strongest general uses him/her to lead the charge which helps the whole group
-The second week on, it’s battle time and you have access to the fight the enemy faction or factions if there are multiple
-At the end, everyone who participated a lot gets some pretty decent prizes and exclusives from the event so that everyone will definitely want to do it whether they win or lose. There are also some really nice cherry-on-top prizes for the victorious faction
This isn’t all the details worked out but you get the idea.

Will history repeat itself, or will your faction rewrite history?
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