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Jun 16, 2015
So, here's what's going to happen. This is XeroMaxx's change to make DomiNation's the most crazy, awesome, totally explosive game out there.

Here's our design spotlight straight from my HQ in some bar in Osaka.

First off,

We're going to give HC 400% extra health. We took a good look at the comments and we really didn't think that HC/tanks were doing their jobs as tanks. They took little damage from towers, but died to cannon towers. So, we're also making them completely immune to damage depending on how angry you are. (Don't worry, the anger meter is coming in a future update. Expect in 3 - 10 years)

In addition, we felt that HC/tanks didn't do enough damage. Their role as units that take a fair amount of damage while other units do the real damage just wasn't working. We decided to increase HC damage by 400%. This will allow players to really take into consideration what kind of strategy they employ before each battle. While your HC/tanks take all the damage, your HC/tanks will be doing all the damage.

We also decided that tanks will now do 400% more damage to walls. Because this is a game, we decided that tanks needed to be as realistic as possible. Now, instead of using wall miners, which are not HC or tanks, you can use HC or tanks. After some pretty critical design meetings, we're considering the removal of the wall miner. And possibly every other unit beside HC and tanks, but that'll have to wait for a future update.

Now, we know that a lot of you have been asking about the training blessing in relation to the French. We here at Big Huge XeroMaxx have heard you and are listening.

We have decided to remove training times altogether for French players using training blessing and return the duration to 30 minutes. But that's not all. We haven't forgotten our other nations. We're excited to announce that we're also giving all other players a free switch to the French. Don't worry, even if your friends decide to play after the update, they will also receive a free switch to the French.

At this point, we'd like to discuss raiders. Rest assured, we wouldn't even dream of nerfing these bad boys. In fact, we've decided to surprise you with an early holiday gift. We're moving everyone's current raider level to the industrial age motorcycle raider. If you haven't unlocked the unit yet, check your DomiNation's account now. We've got a surprise for you.

Additionally, we're giving raiders 400% bonus movement speed and 400% lifesteal. (A new mechanic to DomiNation's)

We took a look at the numbers, and it was clear that at least 2.7% weren't using raiders at higher levels. In response to this, we're giving everyone free aesthetic skins for your motorcycles featuring the skull of CEO Tim Train with fire erupting from each eye socket.

But, Big Huge XeroMaxx, what if I don't like raiders? Well, we've got just the thing for you too. Here at the studio, we're committed to pleasing the entire player base. So, you don't like raiders? Simply turn them off with our Go Go Gadget Raid Away. Open the settings tab, and turn off raiders. This will prevent any player with raiders in their army composition from finding your base. Rest assured, if they somehow happen to find your base, we will crash their game on troop drop.

We know you're all very excited for this coming update. We've been skimming through the forums, and realize that there's a problem with so-called "cheaters" in the game. Rest assured, at Big Huge XeroMaxx we are committed to fighting cheaters in our game.

In response, we've decided to ban everyone. Because it was just too easy to find and ban all the cheaters in the game, so we decided to make everyone's life easier. But have no doubt that you will still receive your free Tim Train skull skins. Additionally, we will be maxing out every player's base, absolutely free. We wanted to show the community that money isn't a problem here at Big Huge XeroMaxx. There's plenty to go around here at the studio. In fact, DomiNation's simply makes too much money. After reviewing the numbers, we've decided to make our free to play game absolutely free to play. We think this will allow players to spend money at their own leisure if they enjoy the game enough, and we think this will be a better business model.

We know it's been an exciting spotlight for the future update. With these implications to the game, we hope to achieve: more diversity in armies, more balance between nations, more Tim Train memorabilia, and an overall better experience.

What everyone needs to remember is that we're not trying to make a game. We're trying to create an emotional experience between you and your mobile device.

This has been XeroMaxx here with another design spotlight.

Stay dominating!


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Apr 8, 2015
Hahaha that was the most amazing thing ive ever read :)

If only u had signed off with vroom vroom i probably could retire from the forum and hand off the baton to u


Jun 9, 2015
We took a look at the numbers, and it was clear that at least 2.7% weren't using raiders at higher levels. In response to this, we're giving everyone free aesthetic skins for your motorcycles featuring the skull of CEO Tim Train with fire erupting from each eye socket.

Lost it, lol.


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Sep 1, 2015
Big Huge Games made the best real time no fantasy strategy game in 2003 with Rise of Nations release, but somehow they arent nowhere near RoN level with this game, well probably their team now is much different than it was in 2003, or it is because of the partnership with NEXON i don't know