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Apr 7, 2019
Just a short message, i havent posted in a while and i dont think i will be doing so for the following year. If you guys still read my posts then thanks for listening and giving feedback.

About bases

Bases are towns or cities, depending on age, that determines a players defensive ability. There are two types of bases, multiplayer base and war base. Multiplayer bases can be towns that generate income and protect your storage buildings. War bases are the tough nuts that heavily defends your town centre.

Anyways, here are some tips for your bases.

Multiplayer base

1. Road income

This is a great way to get fast gold. All you have to do is to build gates for roads to pass through walls if they are obstructing you and connect them to as much buildings as you can. Simple really.

2. Storage building protection

Players protect their storage buildings, especially oil wells in their multiplayer bases because loot is easily stolen in multiplayer battles than world wars. To achieve ultimate protection, you may surround your storage buildings and the defensive buildings protecting it to keep intruders out. One reason i personally protect my town centre is that it stores gold from roads, you may chose to do it, but its up to you.

There is nothing much i can say about multiplayer bases, mainly because these two tips are the only key points i know to building a successful multiplayer base.

War base

1. Protect your town/city centre

This is very important when building a war base because it will minimise your opponents' chances of getting the town centre star. You will need to fortify your town centre with defensive buildings and walls to destroy enemy attackers before they reach your town/city centre.

2. Precious defensive buildings

Some examples are ballista/cannon towers/anti tank guns and the missile silo. I strongly suggest protecting them with air defenses, sniper towers and machine guns/redoubts to irritate air forces, attack helicopters and infantry that attack those precious defensive buildings.

3. Even out your defenses

I do not know the best way to make you understand but i will try my best to explain. You have to make sure your defenses are evenly spread out so that you grant more buildings protection. This is so that your enemy will not get the 50% destruction star or have difficulty getting the quick victory star when trying to do so. For example, you can try to cover more ground with the impressive range of the sniper towers or spread out towers and place spike traps/landmines next to them to protect them from tanks.

4. Trap placement

Strategic placements or traps in the right places can be unexpected and deadly to attackers. Traps include spike traps/ landmines, caltrops/barbed wires, ambush trap, decoy trap and claymore. Spike traps/landmines can be placed next to isolated non anti tank gun defensive buildings. Caltrops/barbed wires can be placed next to precious buildings to reduce troop damage. Ambush traps can be placed near gates because thats where commandoes will enter. Decoy traps can be placed around areas that deal high damage to enemy forces so that your buildings can safely deal the damage while the decoys absorb damage from enemy troops. Claymore can be placed around secluded areas and areas where troops will cluster to have maximum effect of its damage in a cone.

5. Isolated buildings

If all else fails, then theres only one tip left that i could give you. Put a building thats completely useless in wars far far away from the main base. This is not fullproof, or foolproof, but hopefully if the enemy does not notice it while scouting, it can keep you safe from that total destruction star. Whats better is, if you did enough research on 'resistance' found in the library, you can put some of those buildings highlighted in 'resistance' away from the main base and close to each other. That way the opponent must at least put in some effort to clear those isolated buildings and may not have enough strength to clear your main base.

The end

Merry christmas to those viewing it, and is it spelt town centre or town center? It it was the second option, sorry for my bad spelling. Anyways i hope you guys can take my advice to heart and start working on a great base right away.
​​​​​​​Im cakeden, coleader of conqueror quest and im happy to help


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May 17, 2018
Good guide!! Allow me to add....

Wonders: Make good use of them. Especially Acropolis and Versailles! Have most of the spawning buildings in range of the acropolis and touching the roads is the best idea when base building!
Traps: For WW, especially for higher levels, SAMs and traps in general must be placed in not so easy spots to guess. There is nothing worse than throwing a Scan tactic and revealing 10 traps!!

i.e. in my WW base, no space age player has ever revealed my traps because they are in the most unexpected places, yet they all walk into them!!
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