Canadian Might! is recruiting - donate, communicate, cooperate - DOMINATE!

Big K

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Sep 21, 2015
* If you are looking for a solid alliance to represent Canada come and grow with us. We are experienced, active players from coast to coast who have come together to form Canadian Might!
* We are among the most experienced and established Canadian alliances, with a solid core of members and a history of activity and growth. We are about playing smart and building strong with the help of allies old and new. We're active in back-to-back wars, and we donate a lot.
* We are looking for people who are social, who enjoy the game, and are civil and mature. No hackers, no cheaters, clean language.
* We require a commitment to stay active and regularly donate and request troops (1:3) to advance the alliance.
* Visit the alliance gate, look us up. Then send a request to join Canadian Might! Donate, communicate, cooperate - DOMINATE!


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