Cannot ask or help with alliance Speedup


Oct 17, 2022
Hey @Harlems369th
This seems to be the last resort as I've been in a back and forth with the in game Cs team for more than 2 weeks but there is still no progress or update on this bug...

For background since the last update that added General on defense toggle on/off.. (This is the important part only 1 account of 3 that are all played on the same device and same network has the bug) on one of my account I simply cannot respond to any speed up request or ask for speedups... Every time I try to respond or ask an error message pops up saying either "cannot respond to the speedup" or "a speedup request cannot be made right now" (attaching images for both)

For the entire 2-3 weeks I've been back and forth with the Cs team the only answer I've gotten from them is their same old "the team is aware and working on it, so please be patient" message... If you simply do the math the update was live around 20-22nd Sept, today is 12th Oct the bug has so far costed anywhere between 80-100 real time hours of in game progression..

I would have been fine with waiting as we've waited for years for the uni speedup fix anyways, but knowing its literally only affecting 1 account really shows that it's not a game bug but rather an account related bug which should be an easy fix for the in game Cs team but alas it still hasn't been fixed...

Can you please forward the message to someone who might actually know what to do in this scenario and not send another "please have patience" reply..

Thanks in advance!


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