coalition troop need buff

Dhruv patel

Approved user
Aug 27, 2017
for defender coalition mixup their spawn pionts and give them a big boost in hp, dmage like barrack troops in industrial and give them more movement speed (defenders only)

chariot archer and toa (egypt and maori coaliton troop respecrively). need more movement speed, hp and attack in industrial age by like double and change the multiplier to all types of troops affected. and chariot archers are like raiders and shouldnt be affected by fighter multiplier. for chariot archer they spawn in the forest defender, maori in the command post

the indians defensive troop need more movement speed and make them spawn as defenders alongside your ciry center

the russians troop get the tank multipliers of barrack tanks and make them spawn in either the forest or city centre.

the fillipinos helicopter (and barrack multipliers) the forest or command post.

the offensive ones

aztecs: increase their multiplier like the rifleman

cherokee: just more stats
mongols: they get more range (maybe just 6) building damage resistance and multiplier of their barrack artilerry.

americans: their troops need the barrack heavy indantry damage multipliers.

ethiopians: their troops just more stats.