Command Post


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Apr 26, 2021
The Command Post is a mixed building.
Stores war resources, including rubies, and spawns defenders.
With Harriet Tubman's research completed, the command post levels out the troops leaving the houses on defense.
Why did the command post stop being updated in the cold war?
A new update could also bring an upgrade to this building, increasing the storage capacity and also upgrading the nation-specific defenders to emerge with higher levels. As with the Rocket Arsenal
I hope you can consider an upgrade level for this build. A more modern skin would be the icing on the cake


Mar 5, 2022
I concur.

The Command Post is a building that should never have been left behind in the updates. The upgrade level of this building affects several others, so to have it dead-end 4 Ages behind the current Age makes no sense. The troops supplied by buildings affected by it are worthless past Cold War Age and simply cannot remain relevant.

In addition to this, it is the building that is supposed to represent WAR. This is the building where we are supposed to metaphorically plan our War attacks from and stash the booty from our victories. Instead of a state of the art (Age-wise) building, we get an antiquated relic from the cold war.
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