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Community Q&A: A New Chapter In History


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Feb 28, 2015
Greetings, Leaders!

Welcome to the very first Community Q&A. We are excited to introduce DomiNations' Lead Designer, John Hawkins! He will be your guide to discovering everything the game has to offer. Don't be shy -- post an interesting question here and yours could get featured! Let's make history together.


Q: What players should be expecting when they started playing this game? -- James via the Forums.

A: They should expect to play the best in class combat/city-builder game on mobile/tablet (at least in my opinion). Players will find the economic and combat gameplay to be more intricate and rewarding than in similar games. I think the historical aspect of the game is quite rewarding. Players should also not expect to get bored any time soon.

Q: [Many people mentioned it, but] what is the point of alliances other than social aspect / rank and donations? --d.weermeijer via the Forums
A: Right now, the main point of alliances is the social aspect and ranking, along with the donated troops. They also serve as a great way for players to pass on tips to one another and come up with new strategies in the game. However, keep an eye on them, because in the near future there will be new features added specifically for alliances. We are currently discussing several different options, and it's just a matter of figuring out where to slot them into the schedule. Historically, many alliances between nations have been formed due to conflict with other nations, so I wouldn't be surprised to see that be added to the game.

Q: Age bonus, I think it's VERY unclear if it's a good idea to rush trough the ages or not. I feel there's a bonus when I attack a medieval base while I am still classical age. For example I could loot 90k max gold at a medieval base, but in the end I had looted over 100k, is that a bug? or is that an internal bonus you get because of age? I'm NOT talking about the bonus you get afterwards for killing all the gold buildings for example. -- d.weermeijer vis the Forums

A: There's not a bonus for attacking above your age, however there is a penalty for attacking below your age. It's not hidden though - the resources you see are what you get, unless you have the loot blessing or are the British. As for whether you should speed through the ages, it's a matter of whether you would rather rush to improve your economic buildings or turtle and shore up your defenses. There's not one right answer, although it is usually a good idea to at least upgrade all your economic buildings before moving to the next age.

Q: The newest building that was introduced was the storehouse what else is coming? elephant stable? and if ever, is the elephant stable different form the horse stable? -- 4u2nV via the Forums

We're considering a few different new buildings for the existing ages, but we haven't committed to adding anything yet. However, there will be many new buildings in the forthcoming Industrial Age. I'm probably not spoiling anything by saying that one of them will be an airport.

Q: As far as possible, could you shed some light on some of the items/suggestions that are actually being worked on by the devs and/or will be incorporated in future iterations of the game? -- neoncity via the Forums

I'm pretty sure it's already been mentioned, but being able to change your nation and wonders is one of the higher priority items being worked on based on community feedback. We will also be looking at the league rewards and trying to make them enticing for players (they've been bumped a bit in the next release, but we'll probably go even further with it). Some other ideas are being discussed as well, such as somehow displaying donated troop statistics for all time (some of us miss it too!).

Q: The transition of infantry, ranged and horse units from enlightenment units to industrial units is somewhat vague (especially on unique ones like the transformation of Cavalry units to Tanks), how will you address this in the future? -- RushSkies via the Forums

A: This is one of our main concerns as the game progresses to an age where combat changes quite a bit. Generally we like keeping troops in the same roles, however it is a history game so we do have to pay heed to that as well. Expect troops to change with the times (such as in Enlightenment, when melee Halberdiers turn into ranged Fusiliers). We'll also be adding completely new troops to the mix, so that will change combat quite a bit as well.

Q: Can we expect a much different Alliance war (or Clan war) system from other Clash of Clan genre wars? -- RushSkies via the Forums

[FONT=arial, sans, sans-serif]Whenever we design a feature we like to take a look at comparable features in other games to see what has worked for them and what hasn't worked. If we were going to do an alliance war system, we would like for it to be a bit different from our competition. Overall though, we're always going to prioritize what makes it a fun experience for players.[/FONT]
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