council book case idea

Dhruv patel

Approved user
Aug 27, 2017
At this point the council needs a lot of work to make it better. So it needs an entire bookcase to make it good.

Chapter 1: increase free daily summons by 5 ( 5 for each chapter researched for 25 extra summons).

Chapter 2: reduce cool-down of free daily summons by 5% ( for a total of 25%)

Chapter 3: reduce council fusions requirement for free card by 2 ( for 5 chapters totaling 10. So you’d need 25 merges of a certain rarity at all levels to get a free card it’s now reduced to 15)

Chapter 4: increase odds of better councillor rarity while lowering common odds a bit in free summons (4 levels of this with the last one being a small chance to get a legendary councillor in the free summons).

Chapter 5: same as chapter 4 but for the silver council package.

Chapter 6: councillor treatment
1. Increase mainhall modifiers by 1%
2. Increase ww council modifiers by 1%
3. +1 main hall councillor
4. +1 ww councillor
5. Both counciler types get another 1% boost to modifiers (ie fully researched 8% becomes 10%)

Chapter 7: silver package: for oil, gold and food summon on this daily by 1: ( for a total of 5 summons before reverting to crowns).

Chapter 8
1: can summon the 11 silver council once for oil gold and food.
2~4: summon more silver cards for oil gold and food ( for a total of 8 summons on oil before reverting to crowns).
5: reduce resource cost for these summon costs by 20%

Capstone: all councillors of both catagories (and perhaps future ones if they’ll release more) unlock an extra perk on legendary level. For a total of 6 perks.

What y’all think. I ran out of ideas once I reached chapter 7 and 8. Feedback welcomed.