Dear BHG, here's how to make people buy more crowns


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Jan 24, 2015
(Disclaimer: This does not address the issue of hacked crowns. That's for another topic.)

Here's the dilemma: You've bought or earned crowns and you use them to either buy gold/food for upgrades or to speed-up upgrades. Both of which can be had by merely playing more. So players actually have a disincentive to using crowns. To help solve this, I propose a secondary in-game currency that can only be earned as a rebate for spending crowns (let's call these "jewels"), but the catch is that jewels can only be spent to buy aesthetic items that do not affect game mechanics. It may work along the following lines:

100 crowns -> 5 jewels rebate

Available items for rebate:

1) Decorative or even Alliance flags that can be placed on towers (10 jewels each)
2) Alternative citizen uniforms (5 jewels each)
3) Alternative tank design (50 jewels)
4) Alternative bi-plane design (30 jewels)
5) City Center add-on buildings (15 jewels each)
6) New Generals' uniforms (15 jewels each) (I find it odd that they continue wearing their aged costumes in the middle of World War 1, while riding tanks!)
7) etc., etc.

For the developer: You generate more demand. The aesthetics must not be available for crown purchase directly because what you want is to create a demand for crowns, not a demand for the aesthetics. The latter is just a means to an end.

For the player: More incentive to keep playing.

I thought about this while I'm sitting on a pile of crowns for playing over 9 months, which I'm loathe to spend, and I'm trying to keep myself from quitting out of sheer boredom in waiting weeks for upgrades and just building decorative walls.
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