do factory troops need a boost

Dhruv patel

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Aug 27, 2017
i think some have fallen off and some need a rework like they did a facelift with the barrack troops.

machine gun: reduce their troop space to 2 and perhaps their range by+1 in later ages

tactical helis: they need it the most.

bazooka: reduce troop space by 1 and range by 1 again in a later age

heavy tank: give them an extra gatling gun for troops (take some pages out of the super heavy tank troop tacrics for these)

a pretence for a "state of offense" bookcase

edit: also make factory troops affected by the armor and weapon blessing or a special blessing for them that boost their damage and hp
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Aug 23, 2022
Well I am all for a boost for factory troops. I do how ever think with current munitions available at drone age and above esp with auto age HTE round equipped to HT or Zook they are right were they need to be. As for mg obstruction transmitter, mrl LRE all have munitions that boost esp at drone age and plenty of war legendary that can make them work well. Already seeing deadly MRL and APC happening.

Plus the boost would actually make offense players whine abit. Zooks are tough now Bunker launch with no betrayal and protect will make it little rough. As it stand right now most people that do take me down do it with Bomber or Fighters their ground troop die and all they can do is take out with bombers.

So give factory troops little more at lower ages maybe at top ages watch what ya ask for