DomiNations 7th Anniversary


DomiNations is celebrating its 7th Anniversary in April! As a part of the celebration, keep an eye out for special events going on throughout the month! Here are just a few things to look forward to in April:
  • Anniversary Event Pass: The first event in April will be $0.99!
  • Video Rewards have been updated to include new and different combinations of Troop Tactics, Speedups, Legendary Tokens, and Crowns!
  • Participate in WAR to receive exclusive 7th Anniversary Conqueror’s Chests for the chance to receive a Legendary Artifact!
  • Log in every day in April and claim seven crowns.
  • 7th Anniversary Supply Drops: Supply drops will land on your base in April to celebrate DomiNations' 7th Anniversary! Check back often to claim your rewards from these special Celebration Shipments.
  • Training Blitz: Reduced training times for War Tactics, Airstrip Troops, and Generals!
  • Resources on Resources: 7% increase in Gold from Caravans, Food from Farms, and Oil from Oil Wells for the entire month of April!
  • 7 NEW Legendary Artifacts: A mix of War and Main Hall Legendaries representing the seven continents of the world!
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