DomiNations v10.2 Update


Greetings Leaders,
We’ve heard your feedback, and we're making a few changes to how recruitment and fusions work in Council. DomiNations update 10.2 has improved chances to get higher quality cards when recruiting or fusing new council members, an additional council slot, and more!

Council Updates
  • A new Councilor Slot has been added at building Level 1 for both the Primary and War Chambers.
  • The Recruitment odds in all Councilor Chests now have a greater chance to grant players with higher Quality Councilors.
  • Common, Uncommon, and Rare Quality Fusions have an increased chance to yield a higher Quality Councilor.
    • Common
      • 30% chance of receiving Uncommon
    • Uncommon
      • 20% chance of receiving Rare
    • Rare
      • 10% chance of receiving Epic
  • You can now claim 4 Standard Recruitment Chests instead of 3 every 24 hours.
  • The Standard Recruitment Packs no longer require food and are now Free.
  • All Fusions at all Qualities now only require 3 Councilors to perform Fusion.
  • Fusing Common Cards 25 times now grants a free Uncommon
    • Note: You will be able to claim a free Uncommon Councilor for Common Fusions done prior to the release of 10.2

Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed an exploit where some players were able to obtain Troop Tactics.
  • Fixed a visual issue preventing the Missle Silo art from updating once the Missile Silo was upgraded to Level 11.

This update is available now in all regions for both Android and iOS.
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Well, from BS to S, not really an improvement. Have the 30 stooges advised you again? It looks like so. The probabilities are still ridiculous to get anything valuable out of the council building, tho any investment is a waste looking on the ROI. Math isn’t your key competence, we all know that, but that awesome low level of calculation in your sales and pricing department is weird.
Work on your museum and go for practise. AH Are still good, my personal best is 1:14 on a 3D base and 2:11 on Breds base, last hit without using the Huey.
I'm still using helis as they're my fav troop - I just hate the idea that a missile has less range than my British shooters. Some TT heli armies have a range of 7 so where's the consistency or sense?
Makes me smh. 😞
I'm still using helis as they're my fav troop - I just hate the idea that a missile has less range than my British shooters. Some TT heli armies have a range of 7 so where's the consistency or sense?
Makes me smh. 😞
Its BHG, it mostly doesnt make any sense. AH combined with RAH Apache and Blackhawk medics are unbeatable if you execute the attack properly. Nvm one mistake can destroy the whole hit, but this was always the situation with monster bases.

Is it senseful if a dude on a horse with a bow or something similar, called Khan, can destroy tanks and even heavy tanks easily with his weapon? He even hasnt a bazooka.

BHG people have lost contact to reality a long time ago.
Pats on the back for everyone involved who stood up for the normal player that doesn't spent huge amounts of money?
I really don't understand these changes. You removed the cost of the packs, which barely cost anything to begin with and you made fusions slightly less bad.
But why not just do changes that actually make sense? Remove the cap on the amount of packs you can buy with farmable ressources, make it less cumbersome to buy packs, or just allow purchase of packs in bulk. It is easy to farm 16 million food (in like half an hour or less) and buy 100 packs. You could even keep the old odds, where I don't understand how they ever made it into the game. The amount of years it took to even have somewhat decent odds of obtaining a single purple card is just insane. You can overcome bad odds by simply having a lot of attempts...
After Fusion of 3 green War Councilors I've got 1 new blue Councilor, but PRIMARY!!! Is it Bug, or stupid Joke?
Congratulations on finally eliminating the exploit and private server which granted troops, builds and other benefits to cheating players. You have been colluding with this situation for a long time. I'm just sorry that you guys simply decide to amnesty these players as if you haven't been cheating all this time. I hope the private server doesn't work again and that the member of your team who provided the server is penalized.
Regarding the Council, we had a significant improvement in terms of time. I feel it was still a shy change. The time to get advice from legendary cards is several years. However the animation of opening the card packs is still very slow. As recruiting 4 advisors a day became free of charge, the four cards could appear at once and not one by one. The same for the accumulation of cards in the inventory from videos, events and promotions
You are demanding that players spend more and more time online. More and more videos, events, features and "quests" are implemented. Excess makes the game tiring. It will make players stop watching videos to spend their time on other game features or vice versa. Pay attention to this point. People weren't born to stay 24 hours a day playing dominations.
The superior recruit pack maintain ridiculous levels for rare, epic and legendary cards. It looks like the update didn't involve the percentage of that package