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Drinkin Academy looking for chatty types.

Bootney Lee Fonsworth

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Jan 12, 2018
Drinkin Academy: Perk 10, 15kish alliance. Silver stag on purple background flag.

We have a solid core of people most of whom have been around for at least a year. Wouldn't trade them for the world. However, few of them are much for conversation. I'm sort of tired of seeing 40+ people take a week to fill a 99 message chatbox.

So that's where you come in. Ideally, you're a good communicator with a wicked sense of humor. Sure, it'd be great if you can punch at or above your own war weight but that's not necessary. We can teach you how to play, and how to attack. Can work with you via friendly challenges and replays to get the most out of your attacks and defenses. One thing we can't teach is a willingness to learn and communicate about those things.

As the name implies, we're all adults, from a legal standpoint anyway. So conversations tend to be unfiltered and uncensored. That said, we may occasionally give each other crap but at the same time we're strong donators and helpful. Hopefully you are the same.

It's a very long journey with no end in sight, it sure is nice to have people that make that road trip more fun. There's no pressure to talk just for the sake of talking but hopefully you're a chatty sort who enjoys the lost art of conversation. Despite, or even because of, this game's woeful chat system.

If you're seeking a leadership role they're relatively easy to attain once you've shown we can trust you. Like I said, it's a good bunch who knows their roles and follow them well, but not too many folks show the inclination or initiative for leadership and the handful of responsibilities that entails.

Oh, if you'ie gunpowder age or lower war participation is mandatory. You help us fill lineups, we help you get loot and grow. Those of higher levels are expected to bring their A-games when they click in for wars, meaning that it's better for you to sit out than show up to wars without coalitions or certain buildings/troops unavailable. These are more suggestions than set in stone though. We have few rules for newbies and plenty of leeway once you make a name for yourself.

Let's make each other better. Hope to see you soon!
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