Explanation of calculation formulas on defender production,aircraft damage reduction

Blanchard Serge

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Mar 13, 2019
Hello Nexon executives.

Can you explain to me and all the players the following points:

1) How are the positive percentages calculated?

2) How are the negative percentages calculated, as well as their maximum threshold?

3) How do you compare museums during wars between 2 opponents, the -85% threshold is applied before or after. For example I have 120% "Damage all enemy defensive towers" and my opponent's museum at 40% "Damage all defensive towers". What do I have left?

4) The following artifacts "Defender Production", "Defender HP", and "Defender Damage, apply to what? Are the defenders of the city, fort, fort concerned?

For the positive percentages, I came to the following conclusion:

a) We add all the percentages (University, Faculty, Merveille, Museum).

b) The total of these is calculated on the basis of the building or unit.

c) Thus we obtain the premium value of the building or unit.

d) Checking done by doing info on it, we arrive at the base value enhanced.

For negative percentages, I can't find your calculation rule:

a) The rule of added percentages does not work, even when respecting the threshold of 85%.

b) The rule of successive percentages seems to work better, but I still have a delta with the value displayed in Info.

Thank you for taking into account my request for information, Regards.


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Jul 13, 2017
I too would like to know and have all of this explained. Are the formulas compound? Are they just simple additions or subtractions? How do parliament benefits affect the formulas?