Free Rewards in April!


BHG Community Manager
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May 6, 2022

Greetings Leaders,

We’ve been implementing changes that allow you to gain even more rewards throughout the month of April.

Let's take a look at what you can get for FREE:

  • 1155 Minutes of Research Speed Ups
  • 795 Minutes of Building Speed Ups
  • 1155 Minutes of Generic Speed Ups
  • 60+ Troop Tactics
  • 12 Free Councilor Recruitments
  • 6 Legendary Tokens
  • 1 Premium Councilor Recruitment
  • 1 Special Chest with a chance at a Legendary Artifact

This month’s rewards have a total value of over 20,000 Crowns across four episodes and a season pass for FREE!

Because of the frequency of these episodes and the addition of the Season Pass, we’ll be replacing the traditional Group Leaderboard with guaranteed rewards like this no matter where you place on the Global Leaderboard! This keeps the prime competition focused on one Global Leaderboard challenge, while you reap the additional rewards regardless of where you stand in the competition.


New member
Apr 9, 2023
it is kind of "free"
you have to complete the tasks in the events to earn points. If you complete (almost) all the tasks then you will have enough points to collect all the "free" rewards. These added together are supposedly worth 20 000 crowns.
For me personally, the points
  • 60+ Troop Tactics
  • 12 Free Councilor Recruitments
  • 1 Premium Councilor Recruitment
  • 1 Special Chest
are overpriced when converted to crowns. In addition, they are worthless to me, so I would rather have real crowns.
Furthermore, the tasks are not easy for everyone, for example, if you have changed the age and then have to use certain troops that are not yet leveled or unlocked. But in my opinion still better than the "send expeditions", "harvest trees" or "collect from mines".

Therefore, free is not really a gift, but possible to achieve.
Oh.. thank you sir.

It is just supposedly worth 20,000 crowns. Not 20,000 crowns.
Achieve product is good. But I'm not sure that is valuable.


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Apr 26, 2021
Let me translate about the recruitments offered, as oddin did about the accelerators...

• 12 free councilor recruits = 12 attempts to get a rare adviser with 0.5%, ie a probability of 1 in 1400
• 1 Premium Recruitment = 1 attempt to get an Epic councilor with 0.4%, ie at a probability of 1 in 1737