How about some new events


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Sep 26, 2016
TinSoldier Nb4powerup
The events of late seem to be old events just re-hashed. Are there any original events in the pipeline?
It would be nice to personalise a few events for our bases instead of the usual ones designed for gameplay eg: an event that allows changes to the look of our buildings, perhaps start with a christmas theme for the upcoming season?
Or an event that upgrades a particular troop for a week, to give us a chance to explore new troop compositions? New troop stats for a week should also give Nexon some interesting data from the player base!
eg: for a week all tanks have +30% DPS or all foot troops have +50% speed or all helicopters have guided missiles, etc.


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Apr 14, 2016
yes if they did something like everyone gets their mortars or machine guns maxed (in their age) for a week, they can promote the underused units

also an idea:
limited time expedition destination: north pole
reward: gift box like the ones you get as alliance gifts