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How to get 5 stars in WW

Oil Engineer

Approved user
Jun 4, 2016
Hello Dominators
In this Post I offer a guidline for a good attack tactic for all dominator based on my experience. I hope this post will be worth for dominators.
First of all, Attack tactices is different from player to another player depend on Player XP, age, Enemy, Player stratagic view... So this is a guideline based on my Experiance and may some people will disagree with me in some tips... But this tactice is work well with me.
Based on my experience in DN with over 2years playing and currently in 186XP Global age, The best attack strategy in WW if below points followed correctly and I guarantee 5 stars in each single attacks:

1- Your Army combination;;;;
35% Tanks/ Caverly, 25% Howitzers/Cannons, 10% Supply heal, 30% archers.
Don't use below troops;;;;
Factory troops as its need more space with less affect in the battle.
Engineers; They doing one shot against walls, and that is it. Then will be useless in the battle.
Raiders/motor cycles required more space and targeting only resources buildings with low damage against enemy troops and defensive buildings.

2- Tactics;
One protect + rest are Decoy
If decoy not available
One protect + the rest is Sabotages
I don't like demolition because u have to know the HP of enemy mortars/ or any defensive building. Mortars hit points is variable depend on how much Mortars upgraded through university.

3- Airplanes / generals / Troops Tactic / Mercenary camp / Alliance troops;
Airplanes are very worth in War battles particularly if have high HP.
Use all Generals are very important too.
Prepare 2 armies of ur troop tactics to be ready and stand by for emergency.
U have to know ur troop tactics capabilities/ HP / DPS / Favorite targets.
Mercenary camp, Try to use heavy troops like tanks/caverly and at least one flame-panzer if available. Heavy troops always absorb defenders while attacks and give chance for archers to smash them.
Ask only for Field Howitzers/Howitzers for alliance troops.... it had HP and high splash damage.

4- Attack tactic.
Here the important part in this post.
The successful attack in WW is depend on five points to be determined while scouting and preparation day.
A- Ur troop army selection (Already discussed)
B- Select ur army deployment spot;
  • Choose point where is easy to get town center as soon as possible.
  • Chose point where is far enough from anti Tanks guns / ballista as its harming and wiping ur heavy troops quickly.
  • Consider existence of Bazooka tower as its wiping ur troops in a second.
C- How to start ur battle;
Start deploying troops in ONE SPOT and ONE TIME as below sequence
1st; All generals
2nd; Tanks/ Cavalry
3rd ; Mercenary Camp
4th: Archers
5th; Howitzers and alliance troops
6th; Supply heal
7th; Troop tactic stay stand by for EMERGENCY ONLY
reminder again (deploy in ONE SPOT and ONE TIME)

D- Coalitions type;
Normal Coalitions are one for attack and the second for defense depend on resources availability and Coalitions space and how much the enemy is tough?
For me, I am using Aztics, Egyptians, and Maori, all level 3 and doing good in WW.

E- Where and when u have to use ur tactic...?
After finish deploying all troops, gather all troops in one place and be away from MORTARS/STRONG HOLDERS, then give them the Protect tactic to cover all troops.
The rally now is started and keep the troops doing their jobs. Once, ur troops is close to the TC, u can use sabotage to freeze TC with some building beside it to avoid TC troops/ Howitzers from spawning. Or use Decoy if available(May need 2 decoy to avoid TC Howitzers).
Don't rally ur army to get TC quickly, They will destroy TC automatically using ur Howitzers and archers will protect them from enemy foot troops.
U can use Airplanes to destroy enemy troops/ TC howitzers when they trying to kill ur decoy as it good chance to kill a lot if defenders in single airplanes run.
Use the rest of tactics if needed.
If u control the attack... So no need to use Tactic troops.
If its needed to use them, so deploy them near enemy buildings far away from Mortars.
This is what i Know so Far from this Lovely Game

In case facing forbidden city, there are three options
  • Divided ur troops in two groups, 1st one is targeting TC, deploy, gather point, Give protect tactic. Then start with 2nd group deployment. 2nd Group is targeting forbidden city and may need to be enforced with troop tactic for more chance.
  • Select deployment point which can get 50% destruction within 1st min to achieve quick victory star.. (My favorite option but not always work...!)
With Forbidden city, it is difficult to get 5 stars if the enemy war base is strong., So I prefer to get 4 stars better than nothing.
Sorry, may be my language not professional as it is not my native language.
Good luck in your WW attacks



Kaiser Shag

Approved user
Aug 21, 2016
"Factory troops as its need more space with less affect in the battle."

I use five HT mk5 with 3 howies and 8 infantry and I have no problem doing 5 stars :p

True God

Approved user
Mar 1, 2017
I always seem to have trouble placing sab on TC with the correct timing!! Now I am industrial with upgraded war academy I can take 2 sab and one protect into battle. Much better. I tend to land in the general area of the castle if possible to take it out without a sabotage. Doesn't always work.


Approved user
Apr 29, 2016
This is a good guide. It is pretty much how I attack. I use 6 infantry to clean up outlying buildings once my main army has done most of the work.

Of course, if you are attacking a Global or Atomic base with a missile silo, the gather and protect step is probably a bad idea...


Approved user
Jun 21, 2017
140 rifleman 7 demos mercenary flammpanzers alliance gate troops and coalition troops


Approved user
Oct 25, 2016
I usually five star in war and use a very different composition of troops than you recommend. I think the most important thing with your troop composition is that you use what you practice with. Don't try and suddenly switch tactics in a war. Practice it a lot outside of war first.

This is a great general guide, thanks for posting it.


Approved user
Sep 21, 2017
This is for GA and AA base attacks:

New building missile silo has introduced, rallying may not always work. protect is useless imo now, I would bring 1 sabotage for TC and rest decoy.
ALWAYS plan your attack is the key for success, since every base has different weaknesses / different building spawns different units once destroyed - need to be considered.
For AA bases attack, planning attacks from one side is not wise.
But for GA base and below, planning attacks from one side is acceptable given you have some infantry to clear up buildings from outside.

Don't forget engineers/rocket launchers/machineguns/raiders/infantry can play a better composition if used wisely.
I always bring 1-2 engineers/ 3-4 rocket launchers/ 6 infantry in War attacks

Helicopters/mortars are useless. Too bad.

Good luck 5 starring a AA/GA war base.


Approved user
Mar 22, 2017
Agree with the sentiment... and at low ages would be a great starting block.

From IA up, and especially at AA, there really are a massiveNumber of effective troop builds, combining normal troops, factory troops, airplanes etc.

one of the MOST underrated things for effective war attacks are Coalitions and upgrades. I strongly suggest if you are not 5 starring in wars regularly make sure your Aztec and Mongol coalitions are maximum level (embassy and in Armory).

then it’s just about practice!