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How to Prevent Crashes + Two More Weird Bugs

The Bigger Finger

Approved user
May 11, 2015
Hello guys I posted a thread a few days ago complaining about my game's constant crashes erasing all my units. I came up with a semi-fix in case anyone else is experiencing this annoying issue, so please read on.

All you need to do is exit and and start the game again before you raid. Preferably just as your last infantry is being trained so that you can immediately go into battle and don't waste time. If I don't find an opponent within 5-10 swipes I usually restart the game again to be on the safe side,

Using this method I went on 50 successful raids and crashed only once in battle yesterday. I still crash while doing stuff in my town, but with this method battles become a lot safer.

Hope this helps somewhat for all you guys struggling with this glitch out there.

Now for the two new bugs I encountered yesterday. I'm not sure if these have been reported yet so sorry in advance if this is old news.

1. While I was upgrading my walls I decided to take count of my un-upgraded ones. After counting and recounting a bunch of times I couldn't find three of them. Turns out they had glitched out inside of some of my other walls. In other words three walls were occupying the same space of three other walls. I'm not sure if this gives the walls double health during battle, and I'm too lazy to find out, but I recommend you guys to check your walls if you don't like the sound of this glitch.

2. I keep getting a weird message pop-up that says something like "A previous save has been found under your Google Play account! Would you like to load up [Random Account Name] in the [Bronze/Iron] Age?" "Yes/No"

I've gotten at least three of these, each with a different account name and age. I have only started playing this game since last week so I know these saves aren't mine. The only advice I can give is to be careful not to "touchscreen"-spam too much, unless you want to potentially restart in the Bronze Age under a different user!