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Sep 24, 2018
Domi Huge Suggestion List
Adapted from and added to “Huge Suggestion List” by 912, In 2016
13/27 Suggestions on original list were implemented in game.

This is by no means a complete list, but these are 50+ of the ideas I’ve had/agree with over the past few years. Please constructive criticism only.

Some aspects of the rebalance so far are good, my base is well designed and the health bonuses make it much harder for people to steal my resources and medals. This has been aiding my climb in the multiplayer (MP) leagues. But I find attacking much more tedious and time consuming, overall less enjoyable. Now I’m required to carry a merc camp troop costing 8 cider, 2 diamonds and use all 7 of my decoy tactics to get maybe 3-4 stars and usually wipe because I run out of time.
Maybe if I spent $2 per battle I could use troop tactics (TT) to continue 5 starring bases…. But alas I’m not Jeff Bezos and sitting on a pile of cash. That being said I have probably spent $100 on this game over 3 years, which is more money and time spent then on any other game I’ve ever played except World of Warcraft (200 days total game time, $1000+) and Evony ( 60 days game time, $250). Now I’d probably spend another 5 years playing this game and another $200-300 if it keeps improving.

Thank you for 3 years of such a fun game, here’s some suggestions to making the next 3 even better.

Multiplayer During Rebalance
  1. Reduce Training times: Provide a troop and tactic event for reduce training times by 75-90% and resource costs by 50% while you work on rebalance. This event would last the duration of the rebalance. Benefit: Players can experiment with new battle styles to learn how to handle the increased base health points and damage.
  2. Comments on Defenses: I have noticed many Cold War age players lv250+ with maxed supersonic fighters, lv 30+ generals, and mercenaries are wiping their entire armies on my base and getting 3 stars or less.
    1. My stats:
    2. Medal count 3000+, Kingdom League I
    3. Base level 213 Atomic, Nate The Great
    4. All lv 13 walls and 40-50 lv 15 walls
    5. Defensive buildings: maxed Atomic age except 4 redoubts, 2 anti-tank guns, and 2 garrisons which require 1-2 more levels to max
    6. University Upgrades: Seijong and Leonardo De Vinci finished for mortar and tower defensive.
  1. Multiplayer monthly season brackets lv 0-100, 101-200, 200-275, 275+. This would stop players from dropping down medals and preying on newer players for resources, known as the “resource grinding”.
  2. Season rewards: Reset medals every 30 days, rewards for tiers by medal count 1000/2000/3000 etc. ( Mix of TT/SH troops, Gold/Food/Oil/, Trade Goods, diamonds, Fragments, etc.)
  3. Revenge: The option to gain up to 80% of my resources back, and not lose my peace treaty, regardless of offending players’ online/offline status.
  4. Tactic training speed: Decrease to match troop training speed, full tactic/troop wipe ~1 hour to retrain, current 5-1/2 hours for 7 tactics means I can attack maybe 3 times a day.
  5. Bonuses for Defenses: Award 1 diamond for 3 star or less defense, and 2 diamonds and 100k gold/food resources for 0 stars earned. Benefit: Encourage players to design better bases protecting Town Center not just oil. Players now have a few diamonds to go out and raid with mercenary troops.
War Rebalance
Problem: Lv270+ CW Age members “sandbagging” war with 5-10 low level iron age bases to skew match results. Lower /mid level players and weaker alliances often feel like they can’t compete in War.
Solution: Encourage alliances to have both low and high level wars instead of only recruiting 40-50 lv290 Cold War Age players and “sandbagging” with non- active players to skew results. If you could have a 5v5 player war of your top Atomic/CW players running independent of your 5v5 Industrial /Iron Age players’ war, lower players wouldn’t have to go to some low level alliance.
  1. 3-5 War Battalions per alliance
  2. Reduce war size from 40/20/10 to 5 or 10 player wars
  3. Only allow 2 attacks total made on a base, strategic attacks instead of piling on best base, players more likely to use troop tactics to gain victory, war base design/effectiveness becomes very important
  4. Max/min level war brackets or by age lv 0-100, 101-200, 200-275, 275+// Classic+Iron, ColdWar+Atomic, etc.
  5. Allow war group leader to select 0/2/4 stronghold/ troop tactic war option, reduce benefits if 0SH/0TT option selected. Many 5 star victories come from having too many “pay to win” Elephant Armies, Pathfinders, Crab Tanks, bombers, etc.
Monthly War “Seasons”:
  1. Monthly brackets or “Seasons” with rewards ( TT/SH troops, Gold/Food/Oil/Rubies/lv. 2 artifacts etc.) to season participants with Glory points gained over a season. Reset each season, but Glory added to Alliance perks remain obviously.
  2. Total Glory points added into alliance experience with 2x/3x multipliers and rewards for total glory if in 2000/3000/5000 glory point tiers or more depending on average glory points gained per month.
Other War Suggestions:
  1. War Problem 1: Hitting bases for loot instead of trying to maximize stars and reduce times
Solution to 1: Bonus loot to all members of victorious war, reduce loot on individual battles. Provide an incentive for members to cooperate on wars and focus on reducing times
  1. Problem 2: We have seen players not making attacks in war because their army is still training from a wipe in MP or have to retrain a new army composition.
Solution to 2: Have War troop/tactic/mercenary army that is available separate from multiplayer (MP)
  1. War Chat: Allow war group vs. war group to be able to congratulate each other or smack talk on war chat. This would create rivalries and more interest in War especially on month long seasons and add fuel to the “War Challenges” . – Credit to koool
  2. War Surrender: Option to surrender in first 6 hours of war, extra penalty (-100) glory points if surrender. Half glory available given to victor, set loot award based on age of players e.g. keep glory earned +200 of 400 glory available for making opponent submit, 200k gold/food 2k oil, plus keep loot already earned in attacks.
  3. War Challenges: With war being more competitive on a month long season for the ultimate Artifact or TT prize, war groups will want to challenge higher ranked groups in their bracket to gain (and possibly lose) more glory.
  4. Level of Base: Show in World War map without needing to scout
  5. Scouting: Show best attack time and stars earned while scouting bases.
New Troops
  1. Submarine: 2000 hitpoints, Calls a missile strike every 30 seconds, deploys 5 marines once per battle to a designated location. Can be shot at by radar building. 1 Naval space
  2. Battleship: 3000 hitpoints, Continuous Bombardment from the sea. Can be shot at by new radar building. 1 Naval Space
  3. Satellite: Aircraft troop, 1 air space (suggest adding +1 air space in Spage Age) disables/slows defender spawning and shooting buildings in radius as it circles around the map, select 1of4 circling rings at deployment of satellite. Can be shot down only by SAMs or Radar building
  4. Stealth bomber: Library research makes bombers invisible to towers only (not anti-air) unless in range of radar building. Radar building can shoot down stealth bomber.
  5. Improved transport: Library research allows transport to drop a weaker bazooka trooper (500 hp, 800 dps) along with paratroopers.
  6. Set max number of fighter planes to 4, increase air space to 5 in Space Age (+1, 6total with Amelia). This would encourage the use of stealth bombers, transports, and new satellite. New +1 space could possibly be only available to satellite.

New Buildings
  1. Trench building : 1x3 spaces
Tanks/heavy artillery only must go around,
Engineering troop can fill the 3 spaces across
Engineer won’t be able to blow up a wall section after charge used, 0/1 charges left
Number: 1/industrial, 2/global, 3/atomic, 4/cold war
  1. Drone trap: 15 range, 1x2 space, single target damage, deploys a drone after 5 seconds in range then flies to and deals 15 000 damage to the furthest attack helicopter, heavy artillery, saboteur, or heavy tank on map. 1000 hitpoints, deals 15 000 damage, can be shot down by ranged infantry. Build 1/Cold War, 2/Space Age.
  2. Radar Building: 3x6 space, 10 range, decreases hit points by 30% of planes/tanks in a radius, and slows ground infantry troops by 25%, Radar building can shoot slow moving missiles at Submarine/Battle ship/Stealth bomber/Transport/Satellite for 500 damage/500hitpoints, every 5 seconds, MRL troops can shoot down these missiles, attacker must tap in the water to move ship/sub to avoid oncoming missile..

  1. Tactical General Upgrade– Aura, + special ability + separate rally Eg. Joan of Arc has archer 2 range aura,+10% ranged troop attack speed, 500 dmg rein of arrows. Hannibal has elephant spawning, could have +5% health to nearby merc troops. Other General auras, +dmg to specific troop type, + health to tanks, + attack speed etc. Other abilities (only 1 ability per General), wall explosion, stead charge, mortar troop spawn, healing Benefits: Encourages upgrading all generals, could unlock ability at lv21 ( tank level)
  2. Troop Deployments – Preset “groups” multi finger tap places single unit troops ranged/melee infantry per finger tap, tap portrait to get number of up to 10 maximum, before deploying.
  3. Preset groups: group 1, 2, 3, etc. you can preload in barracks before going into battle, max group size of 15; eg. 7 infantry + 1 artillery, or 1 tank + 5 infantry etc. allow group to be 1 tap deployed.
  4. Mercenary deployment: Drop separately instead of one mass drop.
  5. Troop Tactic deployment: Multi finger drop instead of 1 group drop.
  6. Saboteur: Add ability to disarm 2 traps Benefit: better luck with avoiding landmines if skillfully used
  7. Attack helicopters: New attacking system. Sweep into battle every 20 seconds targeting infantry and dealing 100-200 damage to defenders in a cone and dropping 3x 50 hp, 25dps infantry, then fly back out to previous location. The helicopter will flash when it’s ready to make attack run, must tap on helicopter to activate. It returns to 8 range and fires 6 missiles every 5 seconds at defensive buildings for 300 damage each. Give the attack helicopters another 500 health to be more durable against towers/anti air.
  8. Troop Stance – Archers/tanks group tight/loose. Select formations from Barracks/Factory
Select ranged troop buffer zone selection 0/+2/+6 spaces from melee infantry/apcs/tank.
  1. Raiders/Armor Cars/Saboteurs Improved A.I.: 2 Selectable Stance Types while in Barracks/Factory
  1. Penetrating Stance: Ignore troop agro, 25% reduced health, 15% increased move speed
  2. Support Stance: Avoid anti-tank guns 4 spaces away from anti-tank, unless all other buildings dead, if a rally is activated, or within a larger group of troops. Avoid tanks/heavy tanks or groups of 5 defenders and moves away until close to a group of attacking units (2 space range). Benefit: Allows the raiders and sabs to work effectively to pick off resources/defender building/towers undefended by anti-tank on the edges of bases without being overwhelmed/alone in the center. It’s devastating losing a 3/6/8 troop space unit and resource wise (400 oil for ArmCar) that rushes near an anti-tank and gets 1 shot by anti-tank versus just going with +1 more heavy artillery, this is how you end up with armies of 8 heavy artillery and still not a single ArmCar/Sab/Raider)
  1. Healing Cart Improved AI 1: Pick a 3 radius area of troops/General to heal/follow when cart is placed. This follow command links until group is dead, or 6 seconds with no damage. Will re-link with next group until fully healed for 2 seconds.
  2. Healing Cart Improved AI 2: Prevent healing cart from going through the center of a base unless there is a rally. Make cart avoid going within 5 range of towers, anti-tank, and redoubt buildings until near attacking troops, does not apply to mortars, sniper, or silo
  1. Pinned leader message to new alliance members, pinned message to all alliance members ( not just mail, but also in chat) – Credit to “912” and others “Huge Suggestion List” post
  2. New war group leader promotion, leaders/co-leaders can set war groups for monthly seasons, war group leader-council member can start war for their group and surrender if battle is lost.
  3. Video sharing: Separate tab for MP/War replay challenges, leaders’ ability to pin 5 important replays/challenges to train new members.
  4. Alliance member # days/months in Alliance
  5. In-Alliance resource trading – Food/Gold/Oil, trade goods excluding Diamonds/Nat. Trade goods./Fragments etc. Maximum per day received/given per alliance member, eg. 100k food/gold, 1k oil, 5 leather/fur/metal/cider per day ).
  6. Mail to individuals: Leaders, co-leaders, and council can send private messages to individuals in alliance.
  7. Searchable: Make the chat searchable with keyword text.

  1. Artifact Merging – Keep the attribute with higher stats, adds +1 star to resulting artifact, two items must be same color/type, cost 2000 blue prints – Credit Tsamu
New Library Research
  1. Add 6[SUP]th[/SUP] tier to chapters. This would work better if a re-balance was required. Make the big benefits to bases tied to large research costs and time. Bazookas and Machine guns should have better set of bonuses like mortar troop.
+30% bazooka damage, should be closer to 3 shots on a tank defensive troop instead of 5-6 shots
+10% bazooka health
+0.5 bazooka range (out of range of anti-tank)
+30% machine gun troop health
+1 range machine gun troop (out of range of anti-tank and redoubt)
-1 machine gun troop space
+30-50% building health à 10M food, 6 weeks

Base Design:
  1. Select all by building type
  2. Select all traps
  3. Select all walls
  4. Select all roads
  5. Able to move/delete selected set of walls/roads/buildings as one very quickly
  6. Ability to name base layouts
  7. Collect all resources option

Huge Suggestion List by 912, In 2016
With additional Credits:
Eddie F1