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Idea for New Domination: 1 Year Reset Mode


Approved user
Jan 8, 2018
Dear all,

I got this inspiration from Card Games, like HeartStone and Magic the Gathering. I saw 1 game as well that develop like this, 1 year competing, after that reset to beginning. You can say it's a rogue like game but with 1 year duration.

At the beginning, Heartstone doesn't have 2 format, Standard and Wild, it's only 1 mode. But after 2 year with a lot of card around, they add Standard mode in their 3rd year, which only allowed last 2 year card, and Wild format which allow all cards. Their gameplay which churning out card expansion after card expansion, easily supporting this two format. And ultimately, with this two format, they keep their game new, while retaining their old player base.

Back to Domination, I propose to Nexon to build this Standard Domination (1 year reset) and Wild Domination (multi year) as well. Wild Domination will be existing Domination. It will need multi year to get to Space Age. Second one, Standard Domination, will only need 1 year of life to get to Space Age, after that it will reset to beginning, starting a new a very year.

What is Standard Domination ? How it works ? Is it profitable ?

Standard will only need 1 year to get to Space Age. With current Domination pace, it will need to upgrade 4x faster. Upgrade building, Research, Upgrade Armory, University, etc need to cut to 25% of existing time. This is a roughly calculation. Hopefully with this pace, at end of the year most player will get to Space Age. If not, then next year we need to cut it even more :). This doesn't count player that join in the middle of the year, of course.

What player get at the of the year ? Standard Domination will have separate League and Glory. At the of the year, player will get a Medal based on their League rank, alliance will get a Medal based on their Glory, that they will keep as prove of their achievement. This way, player and alliance will have something they can fight for. It's better if this medal can be shown in player townbase/ warbase during attack, like player cardback in HeartStone. Or a throne room screen like in Civilization which shown player and alliance glorify achievement.

Other then that, they will get Bonus Ticket, that can be used for next year Standard Domination. By giving this bonus ticket, veteran player will have a starting bonus compare to new player, maybe immediately go to Classical or Medieval Age. Veteran Alliance will immediately go to Alliance level 2 or 3. This bonus done in HeartStone as well, veteran player always start a head with their last year cards or rank. This is so new player won't immediately fight veteran player, new player will fight among themselves first.

Why player want to play Standard Domination ? New Nation, New Skin, New Troop, Faster playing pace, More Competition in League and Glory, etc etc etc. This is what Nexon and BHG have to do, to give us player new excitement :). I will talk more about this.

What Nexon and BHG gain ? New profit of course. Player will spend their money to buy again Estate, Crown, Speed Up etc. I don't suggest to sell Troop Card or Artifact, special building is fine. But it's your way to get profit, so do what you must do.

What new in Standard Domination ? This what excite me.

Let's start with a theme first. Heartstone will set a theme for each year, which will give a glimpse of this year expansion story or gameplay. Standard Domination can do this like Domination: Asia, Domination: Europe, even fantasy like Domination: MiddleEarth, Domination: Wuxia, etc.

With these story theme, we will get 7 new nation for 1 year of gameplay. New Skin for this new nation, new bonus, new special troop, etc. Skin is important, what new Domination without difference look :). The bonus should be more pronounce compare to existing Domination. Player need to get excited when choosing nation. And special troop should not in barrack only, factory troop should have nation specific troop.

The theme can effect gameplay as well, like this year theme about range troop, or melee troop, or flying troop, or troop that can come back to life, or about building which when destroyed explode and damaging nearby troop, or even flying building.

Existing barrack troop have 5 troop which we see a lot, melee infantry, range infantry, tank, range siege, and supply. This should be Basic Domination troop, we can keep it as it is for every year. And we have 5 more troop which doesn't used a lot. Example for range troop Theme, we can change this last 5 troop to have more range shoot. We can make raider shoot longer, melee siege (wall sapper) to have range shoot after they use their bomb, mortar have longer range, etc. For melee troop Theme, we can make mortar do melee/ short range, but more bulky, like warrior whirwind, Indian defense coalition troop. Raider and Assault Vehicle can go melee as well, etc. Hopefully with this theme change, this 5 troops will see a lot of play. At least people will try them because their new every year.

For Factory, we can make machine gun (range infantry), commando (melee siege), heavy tank (tank), and bazooka (melee infantry) as Advance Basic Domination troop. In HeartStone this is a classic card, slightly better version of basic card. And then we make 4 other factory troops based on theme. Example we can make 4 last factory troop deploy something after destroyed, or all 4 is flying, or all bulky melee troop, etc.

With these change in Nation, Troop, Skin, I think even old player will come back to play Domination. And we still have building, wonder, coalition, expedition, etc that can be changed to excite old and new player.

A lot of thing can be explored in Domination. We just need a new game format that will make us feel excited again :).


Notes: Digital Age won't do, no one want 14++ days to upgrade 1 building.