idea to make the game more interactive in world war


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Oct 3, 2018
Hey there,
i was thinking about some different versions/types of world wars which makes the players to play the game differently each time:

I was thinking about some kind of tournament in world war:
lets say during 3 months its tournament, 1st month = random world war (ww) as its currently happening, then at the end of the month u get into a league = kinda the same as with triomphs but in world war. but you can also add some new stuff into this tournament like: first every months its obliguated to do several 10x10 wars , same with several 15x15 ...
for those who dont have that many of players, computers can be added, and those alliances are grouped into 1 and the same league, making it more equal
-> you could also add like choices that players have to make like for example: during world war you can only choose 2 artifacts at the museum that will be activated, next world war +2.. when arriving at the finish: last world war = all artifacts

you could also add an other type of world war where an alliance = 1 country in the world -> the world war is between several alliances -> here you can go for several types of world wars: deathmatch (everyone against everyone, so not alliance vs alliance but for example during trioump event -> you play ww against each other), 2 vs 2 alliances, capture a specific country of the enemy -> to get there you need to destroy all countries between your alliance and that target country (for example: imagine my alliance is europe and the enemy = asia, the target for my alliance is for example japan, to get there we need to win all countries between japan and europe), 1 special building protection: instead of protecting the towncenter, you need to protect 1 other new building that u only get during this challange/war -> this way players are obliguated to change their layout, think their strategy through .. (could be for example: protect the oil wells -> per oil well lost = 1 star for enemy)

an other idea: 1 alliance against 1 other, 1 is defending, the other is attacking -> based on example of above: imagine: europe attacks asia, all players with their buildings are summed into 1 huge map, my players can attack that huge map, each individually. lets say i attack and i get to destroy 10%, well next player of my alliance who attacks after me can attack that same map BUT the buildings i already destroyed are left destroyed, so he doesnt need to destroy it all over again, only the 90% left. lets call this the bosschallange xd

a whole different type of world war: you get to choose a limited amount of buildings which u want to use for your defense, next world war of same type -> you can not use those same buildings, you need to choose other ones..

an age world war: where every player, no matter what age you are, starts in the first world war in the lowest age, next world war every player gets 1 age up, meaning: everyone gets the same amount of buildings, what counts here is the strategy. that way everyone is obliguated to play the previous ages again, those who are stuck for a year for example in industrial, well those players will master the industrial armies since they can only use those ones + its limitations (= not same amount of defensive buildings nor hp of buildings are high...) so there is a higher chance that those players will be better in this war then players of different ages + it gives everyone the chance/challange to go to war with whatever is given to u, up to you to make the best out of it
-> lets say every player gets same amount of buildings + those buildings are automatically maxed out in its current age (lets say the current war age is industrial, well all buildings are maxed for all players). this way, every player gets the chance to play with a maxed base during that age for a very short time. ofcourse the offensive troops are troops of current war age (in this example, troops of industrial age with its age limited troop cap..)

alliance voyage: you go on a trip with your alliance players, lets say similar type of game as the non multiplayer challanges where you ve to destroy the computer bases on your own, well here you go on a world conquering trip with you alliance players where you also have to destroy the computer -> this way you strengthen the alliance interations but not against other alliances, this could be seen as a training camp like the friendly challanges but this time in a team together -> could be combined with above ideas like deadmatch where you have a world war and every player of your alliance stands alone, you fight against your own alliance members, or there are groups.. -> this way those who want to play against each other as friends/alliance members can do so

it would be amazing to see such new type of world wars, makes the players to think again about their strategies and work even more in team
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May 17, 2018
i agree that WW needs some new ideas and the introduction of different modes of play.
Some years ago I suggested that since we already have a map like RISK (the board game), we could actually conquer territories and change their color under certain circumstances.
- you can only attack adjacent territories
- if you get more stars than the enemy on your territory then color of opponent territory is changed to your color
- if the stars are the same (5 stars for both attacker and defender) then time will decide the winner.
- the team with the higher number of territories wins.
- getting all the territories on a certain continent gives bonus points.